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Varying from pea size to the size of an egg, these lumps, which can be hard or soft lumps beneath the skin, can occur on any part of your body. They are generally harmless and unless obvious (e.g. on your parting or large enough to protrude) are best left alone. If you do decide to have it removed it's a simple procedure under local anaesthetic but may leave a scar or area that is free from hair. They may also come back and the procedure may have to be repeated.

Having a scalp cyst in not unusual and your hairdresser would have seen many so don't be embarrassed. It is a good idea to mention it first though, as a comb run through your hair can catch the cyst and be very painful. Mention it every time you see the hairdresser you may think that they will remember your particular "lump" but they probably won't.

Always consult your local doctor just to make sure it is just a cyst and nothing more serious.


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