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This is essentially an infantile form of seborrheaic dermatitis caused by over active sebaceous (oil) glands on the scalp. The scales can be gently removed by rubbing with olive oil. It is important to be gentle so as not to stimulate the glands further. Then wash with a mild shampoo.

Never use any adult preparations on a child's scalp as this may cause skin damage. Always see your baby health care professional, family doctor or trichologist if unsure.

VirtualHairCare says:

If the olive oil does not work your local chemist/pharmacist is a great source of options (or online of course) to treat this condition as hairdressing salons and larger stores don't seem to stock this type of product. They are mainly oil based that you work into the area as per instructions, one that we have used to great success is Egozite with active ingredient of 6% salicylic acid.

Never forcibly remove the crusts as in pick at them you will remove hair!

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