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Why is womens hair thinning?

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ONE OF THE MORE INTRIGUING OBSERVATIONS noted by dermatologists in the last 20 years is the dramatic increase in thinning hair among women.

Even more interesting is the fact that this syndrome is becoming a serious problem for women over the age of 25 in the industrialized regions of Asia. This is particularly striking as Asian women are not known for losing their hair at any age.


It should be noted that the reasons for women's hair loss are vastly different than those of men. Men generally experience patterned baldness, while women experience diffused thinning. The presence of pseudoestrogens has a more profound effect on women because they require estrogen as their sex hormone for normal function. Pseudo-estrogens fill receptor sites otherwise destined for estradiol. Pseudo-estrogens fill receptor sites faster and have a tighter fit than estrogen itself. The end result is an artificially engineered estrogen deficiency.

In women, this results in hair loss due to inhibition of progesterone secretion - as well as the inability of progesterone to fill receptor sites occupied by pseudo-estrogens. Progesterone is vital in women for normal hair growth and the prevention of hair loss.

There have been studies which show that topical anti-estrogen treatments can help and that a number of naturally occurring fragrance compositions successfully oppose pseudo-estrogens. However, the most important aspect of prevention is cleansing. Most pseudo-estrogens are very difficult to remove from the scalp skin without specialized cleansers, but most of the problems associated with these pollutants can be eliminated.

Extracted with acknowledgement from "An Educated look into the Causes of Hair Loss" by Nioxin Research Laboratories Inc.

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