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Hair Transplantation - repair plugs

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Hair transplantation or repair plugs are a fairly radical solution to hair loss but a genuine alternative to toupees/wigs and other options in the form of drugs and topical creams/lotions. Essentially, the hair to be transplanted is taken from the 'healthy' part of the scalp and is then moved or transplanted to the balding areas of the head where hair loss has already occurred. The transplanted hair can take from 3 to 6 months to grow.

The biggest problem with this hair loss treatment is the fact that there are really two types of hair on the head. That which is genetically susceptible to falling out and that which is not. When you transfer non-genetically affected hair, the problem is that it will outlive the genetically affected hair around it. To get the most out of this treatment it is best to supplement it with pharmaceutical preparations such as minoxidil and finasteride.

This type of treatment is a great altenative and especially suitable for people who have lost part of their hair in accidents (e.g. through chemical or heat burning) as it replaces hairless patches with your own hair. It is also effective for patchy alopecia, where there is still some of the original hair to transplant. Single hair micrographs is the current surgical treatment of choice and you need to talk to a qualified transplant surgeon. Your local trichologist can help ensure you find the right one.

We have put together a series of articles that will give you the full picture on this topic. We would also like to welcome Dr Alan Baumann M.D to our panel of professionals. Alan is an expert on all matters to do with hair loss in both women and men, and we look forward to featuring his articles in various areas across

Surgical Hair Restoration: Micrograft Repair of Previous Plug-Type Hair Transplants.

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