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The Hair Doctor is just like an Agony Aunt for all hair care issues (think of it as a personally answered blog). We have experts in all areas of hairdressing, hair styling, hair coloring and other chemical hair salon services like perming and straightening. We cannot guarantee to answer every question but we will try to answer as many as we can. However we would like you to search through our site and archive of previously answered questions first and only ask us if you can't find the answers for your particular hair care problem. We ask this because at this time we provide this service totally for free but we will have to charge once the number of questions we get becomes over whelming.

  • Check out our ever growing archive of previously answered questions.
  • Make sure the information you want is not already part of the comprehensive "V" for Virtual Salon section.
  • If you need help to find your hair topic, see the links at the bottom of the page they may also help.
  • Ensure that your e-mail address is correct and that it does not auto default to your address book listing. This has prevented us from answering several questions of late.
  • For ideas on a hair cut or style to suit you visit our hair style galleries which are vast and always growing. We cannot recommend individual styles unless we have consulted you in person.

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If you feel you need a more personal consultation on the medical side of hair issues you may want to consider a visit to a trichologist use this link to find out more.


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