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Info on straightening:

My question is: I keep hearing about this new hair straightening that cost between $200 or $500.. I hear it's about $500.. I would like to know more about it... Could you please send me more info on it.

Check out our page in the V section under the sub title 'salon services and chemical treatments'. The page on straightening contains all the info we have. Armed with this info I then suggest you consult a couple of different salons for a consultation to find out the exact cost and the possibilities with your own hair. Costs do increase with length of hair as more time and product is needed. If cost is a big concern to you, you should also consider up keep costs e.g. how often it needs doing and what that works out to over a year.

Is straightening necessary:

I have been relaxing my hair since I was 10 years old, I am 17 now and I decided to stop yet every time I go into a salon they tell me it's necessary for me to have it relaxed. Is it really necessary?!


Only someone physically checking out your hair can give you the answer you seek. However 'having to have your hair relaxed' means to me you are asking for a style that requires straighter hair than you have. Why not see if you can find a style for your texture of hair.

What is the 'straight perm' and 'retexturizing':

I recently read an article in the newspaper about a new hair straightening chemical. They called it 'straight perm' and 'retexturising' and claimed it to actually be good for your hair. They did not give an actual name for this new product and I was wondering if you knew anything about it and if there was any information you could give me. If you have never heard of this chemical before I would be very happy to e-mail you the newspaper article, just let me know. Thanks

These are just other names used to describe relaxing or straightening hair permanently. Differing terms for these services are cropping up all the time at the moment because there has been quite a revolution in the chemicals that are used meaning less damage so better conditioned hair. The idea is to get you the consumer to realise this and not to connect the old service of straightening and relaxing which have got a bad name for damaging your hair. Saying that there have been many updates to the products does not mean that they won't harm your hair. So always get a test strand done first and find a hairdresser that specialises in there services. For all our information on straightening your hair permanently consult the 'salon services and chemical treatments' section of V.

Is it safe:

Is it safe to get fine hair that has been chemically treated (coloured and curled) chemically straightened? I do not want to use a straightening iron anymore!

Having hair in good condition is the most important thing as it can only look good if you have condition no matter what style you have. The basic rule to keeping good condition is to not do chemical or heat processes on top of each other. A single application of anything will not harm your hair but one thing over another and another is where you will start to have problems. From what you have said you have already done quite a lot to your hair, so I advise extreme caution especially with fine hair, which by nature is more prone to damage.

Frizz issues:

I have very thick and frizzy hair, not frizzy from the humidity, but actual frizzy hair, from the roots. My mother assures me that it will grow out, because she had hair the same and her hair is still thick, but not frizzy. I looked in the styling section but I can't find any hints for my hair. I want to make an impression on my friends with my hair, but the only style that looks any good is a plait. Please help!

A permanent straightener or perm if you would like to have curl rather than straight hair is often the only answer for your type of hair. This is because your 'frizz' is a type of curl which needs reforming into a new shape. Your Mom may be right though as you may find you will grow out of this stage like she did, as its an inherited thing.

Read through the subsection Salon services and Chemical treatments. There are pages here on straighteners and perming and what is involved. If you choose to do this you will need to watch the condition as again your hair type is often prone to becoming out of condition so leading to another type of frizz.

Just a bit of curl:

I have kind of Curly Kinky hair and I was wondering if there was any way I could straighten my hair without it costing a fortune and not one of those cheep things you buy in the stores. I have never been able to wear my hair down so I would appreciate it if you could help me! Thanks and have a great day

Most of us have a kink or small amount of curl that we don't want and its all about learning how to deal with it. You can either work out some styles with your hairdresser that your hair is particularly suited to or you can get some blow-dry and styling lessons from them. This is not as unusual a request as you may think and a bit of know how and practice really will pay off for the rest of your curly kinky life. The advent of ceramic straighteners means that none of us have an excuse when it comes to being able to straighten our own hair. Finally there is always permanent chemical straightening to be considered.

Big curly hair:

I have really curly hair which fizzes a lot and I can't wear it down, as it goes really big. And I don't have much to do with it when it's up !!!. I have tried every fizz free products there is but it still doesn't seem to work. I'm thinking of getting it straightened, which will cost, but before I do that. I need to know if it will work ???

Yes, it is possible to permanently straighten your hair. See our pages in V, subsection salon services and chemical treatments and then you will see the pages on straightening. A couple of points to remember though. Chemical straightening swells individual hairs slightly which can make it seem thicker, if its the curl itself that bulks your hair up and not just its density it will look less big though. Maintenance on straightened hair can get expensive. A cheaper, yet very effective method for your hair could be to invest in a pair of high quality ceramic irons. Used well on fine sections of hair results can be very dramatic at lessening bulk. This can however be very time consuming!

Miracle's wanted:

Is there any shampoo and conditioner that automatically straightens hair without the need for blow-drying, but still has the same results of hair that has been blow-dried straight?

NO, sorry there are no miracles. There are however many shampoo and conditioners especially designed for helping you get your hair straight. KMS does a range called flat out which would be good for you I think but you still have to do some work with the blow-dryer and iron!

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