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You may think your hair problem is unique but we find the same basic hair styling and hair care issues effect everyone. So take a look through some of these previously asked questions on hair cutting, hair styling and blowdrying hair. The answers are from professional hairdressers and cosmotologists with a wealth of experience, however these are personal opinions and VirtualHairCare cannot be held liable for the results of following this advice.

Most of the questions we receive regarding styling issues are along the lines of "What should I do to suit my particular needs". This unfortunately is the one question that really can't be answered via the Net. Our advice is always the same drop into a few of your local salons when they are not busy and ask for a consultation. These are free almost all of the time and will provide you with a wealth of ideas especially designed for you. Not only that though, having a chat with a few different hairdressers will enable you to find the person you would next like to style your hair, as you will defiantly find that some stylists and their ideas appeal to you more than others.

Question: Answer:

Perfect hair:

How can I get my hair to be soft and neat looking like your models?

We would all like to be able to have hair just like our favourite celebrity or a particular model.

The reality is that the models have had top professional stylists working on their hair for hours and we, as mere mortals don't have that sort of help or time! So many tricks are used by hairdressers to make a models hair look just right for a particular shot you would not believe. One of the funniest things is that if you could see the back or the other side you would not believe it as hair is often placed to look good only from one angle.

The best way to keep your own hair looking good is to keep it in optimum condition. Out of conditioned hair does not look good in any style! Follow the tips in 'Shampooing and Conditioning Your Hair'. All great hair starts with the basics.

Alternatively become a model yourself and get your hair done for you!

Long hair inspiration:

I need some new ways to wear my long hair so that it is not just tied up in a pony tail all the time!

Did you find our 'Blow-dry and Styling' section? Within this are some pages devoted to hair-up styles and plaiting your hair, even how to make old fashioned ringlets in rags!

If this does not help, I suggest a consultation with a professional stylist. At almost all salons these are offered as a free service and will give you some great ideas as to what to do with your hair. See our section 'Getting The Most From Your Next Salon Visit' for tips and good times to visit a salon for a consultation.

Face to face or on the net:

I would like to know what styles I can try and could you tell me how to do my hair. I have just past my shoulder's length hair. It is straight,and brownie blond colour and my face is chubby not round or oval but in between. So please write back to me and tell me what styles would suite me please.

Over the net is really not the best place to advise on styles as you have to see and speak with each person as an individual to give the best advice.

All is not lost though, I have a great suggestion for you. Did you know that a consultation is free in almost all salons? Simply walk in the door and ask to speak to a stylist. You are not obliged to book and can get some great tips, if you really like what they say you may even decide to use that stylist when you next get a cut. For more info on how to get what you want and consultations see our section in V, 'Getting The Most From Your Next Salon Visit'.

For some general advice and tips check out the pages 'Finding A Cut To Suit You'.

Magazine hair:

Why can I never have hair looking like the magazines despite the products I buy ( costing hundreds) or the salons I visit? Is there a trick they use or do the models used all have naturally fabulous hair?

Models hair just like their bodies are often computer enhanced to look as good as they do. The session hair stylists that work on photographic shoots also use many tricks. Some of the most common are inserted pieces of hair to make the model appear to have loads of hair and styling the hair so that it only looks good from the side the photo is taken from only.

Having spent lots of money trying to achieve great hair I am wondering whether your stylist is giving you enough information to maintain your styles at home. It is not always about the products used, more often it about how the product is used and with what brush at which angle.

Next time you are getting your hair done ask your stylist to show you how, even get them to let you have a go and to put you right when you go wrong. Your stylist will be only too happy to show you and think of the benefits to how good his/her work will look over the long term. If you plan to do this maybe pre-warn the salon that you will need a little extra time when you book. Also try to avoid salon busy times like late nights and Saturdays so that you really do get your stylists full attention.

Best brush:

My hair is long, thick, kind of knotty, and dry. I really want to grow my hair long though. I love answers that the other pages gave me, but I want to make sure, what brush I should use, and I think I'm allergic to my hair shampoo. Please help!!!!!!!

Best brush is a real bristle, paddle brush to get the knots out.

Brush hair when dry and comb it with a wide toothed comb when wet. Work from the ends to the roots i.e.. start at the tips and work section by section. There are some great sprays on the market that you can use whilst wet or dry to help ease the tangles out.

Read the pages on growing your hair and make a note of the regular trim remarks!

As for being allergic to your shampoo, you don't mention your reaction? Pop a dab of the shampoo in the crook of your elbow and cover with a plaster. Leave for 24 hours if you can. If red, itchy or inflamed in anyway you are indeed allergic, if not then it could be something else.

Allergic reactions no matter how mild should be taken seriously, over a period of time a minor reaction to one substance can become a major reaction to may substances if not treated. If your reaction is indeed a allergic one then consult your doctor.


I would like to know how to give my hair ringlets. Like with material in them so I can go to sleep with them in. Thanks!

Check out old fashioned ringlets. Here you will find everything you need to know with diagrams!

Should I perm:

I have really thick hair and I can't let it down because it goes straight down and then goes out like a bush, so I always have it up - I wanted a perm so it would look good down - what do you think I should do?


Don't get a perm get a cut! What you need is a really good stylist to explain your options to you. Suggest you look at our section, Getting the most from your next salon visit, particularly the page on consultations. Then go get a few to find out what the possibilities are.

Basically though this triangular shape you find your self with is because you have no layers in your hair. Thick hair permed just gets thicker/bigger as in 'big afro" so avoid this, it is not the answer.

Curly frizzy hair:

My hair is curly and really really frizzy. I can never find any products that control the frizz but don't make my hair look really greazy and feel it. I don't use heat styling on my hair but it is also really dry.


Try regular treatments. You won't see an immediate improvement but perseverance should pay off.

There are many new professional products (and soon you will see the grocery versions appear on the shelves too) specifically designed to smooth your hair down with less frizz. Start with a specific shampoo like this and move through a smoothing conditioner to a straightening type balm or gel and finally hairspray to protect from humidity.

Tip: You may want to leave your hair curly but using a straightening gel will help relax the curl and de-frizz.

Need a hairdresser at home:

I need a new hair style, something really easy. I have tried heaps of things but cant get it to look right. My hair is straight and every hair dresser that I go to just LOVES it because what ever they do it will look JUST PERFECT but when I get home and it goes back to normal and looks NOTHING like what they did.

It sounds like you need a styling lesson, rather than a new look suggestion? Hairdressers are great at chatting when they do your hair about everything except how you can repeat what they do at home. So next time you get your hair done, ask them to show you how they do it and even get them to watch you whilst you have a go with the hairdryer and to put you right when you go wrong.

Also make a note of what products they use and how much and how they apply it. All of this is what makes the finished result and you happy as you are able to recreate it when you get home.

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