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You may think your hair problem is unique but we find the same basic hair styling and hair care issues effect everyone. So take a look through some of these previously asked questions on coping with hair that is frizzy or has a curl, we also cover some hair perming and hair straightening questions here. The answers are from professional hairdressers and cosmotologists with a wealth of experience, however these are personal opinions and VirtualHairCare cannot be held liable for the results of following this advice.

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Frizzy curl:

I have very thick and frizzy hair, not frizzy from the humidity, but actual frizzy hair, from the roots. My mother assures me that it will grow out, because she had hair the same and her hair is still thick, but not frizzy. I looked in the styling section but I can't find any hints for my hair. I want to make an impression on my friends with my hair, but the only style that looks any good is a plait. Please help!

A permanent straightener or perm if you would like to have curl rather than straight hair is often the only answer for your type of hair. This is because your 'frizz' is a type of curl which needs reforming into a new shape. Your Mom may be right though as you may find you will grow out of this stage like she did, as its an inherited thing.

Read through the subsection Salon services and Chemical treatments. There are pages here on straighteners and perming and what is involved. If you choose to do this you will need to watch the condition as again your hair type is often prone to becoming out of condition so leading to another type of frizz.

Frizz around the hairline:

My hair is fairly straight with a bit of a wave, but when i wake up, it is raining or i don't gel it back i get these tiny little frizzy curls around my face. i really hate them and the only way i know how to get rid of them is to gel and hair spray it back.

This is really normal and an issue for anyone that is pulling their hair straight back off the face. If you want to avoid the problem maybe try a different style that comes forward. Other possibilities would be to have them permanently straightened or to use a small round brush and fine nozzel on your hair-dryer to straighten them (ask your hairdresser for a lesson on how to do this). See our section in V on Salon services and chemical treatments for more info on chemical straightening and then consult a stylist as to which would be most appropriate for you.

Long and Frizzy

I have long curly hair that is very frizzy.I have tried all sorts of shampoos and conditioners,but they haven't helped.

You and hundreds of others so you are not alone! This is the most requested
area of problems that we are contacted on.

My favourite method of control at the moment is to let your hair dry naturally with plenty of a hair smoothing or straightening balm (gel) combed through it. When 100% dry use a hair piecing paste or light hold wax/gel to give curl definiton and remove any stubborn frizzies.

Its all about finding the right products for you and with your hair you will always need 2 products one put into the wet hair and one for control once dry (a finishing product). When you get up in the morning or the frizzies begin to appear have your chosen finishing product handy to reapply and don't be affraid to brush out your curl and then reshape with the finishing product for a more controlled result.

After this follow all of the other tips in the frizzy hair pages, found in
V, under the Your Hair section and also check out how to correctly apply products as this is very important with finishing products.

Extra curly strands and what style?

I have two very important questions.
> First of all, I have thick hair. Lately I have noticed strands of darker curlier and coarser hair on my scalp. I thought they were split ends and I am
finding quite alot of them. Is it alright to pull them out or does it make matters worse?
> My other question is that I am in desperate need of a new style. Last year I had layers done in my hair as my hairdresser thought it was the best
option to control my thickness. Now, my hair is past shoulder length and my layers look horrible! Do you know of any style or cut that can control my

About your curly strands at the scalp. If they are almost afro spirals this
can mean something missing in your diet. I suggest you consult a
Trichologist to get a proper answer. See our section in V on The Alternative
Hair Doctor or Trichologist. If you are in the US and have to look up one
locally the spelling is Tricologist. It may be nothing though so don't get
all concerned the only thing not to do is pull them out as this distorts the
follicle from which they grow making the problem worse when new hairs grow

To dealing with thick hair all the tips I can think of are on our page in V,
under Your Hair then Thick Hair. Layers are good and so can chipping into
the hair to remove bulk but all must be done regularly as thick hair tends
to bush out if not cut every 6 weeks. So the real answer to any style dilema with thick hair is really regular cutting, book your next appointment as you leave the salon so as never to have one of those weeks when you can do nothing with your hair!

Curly, frizzy and very thick

My hair is curly, frizzy and very thick. You say that thich hair is best treated by keeping it short is that a good idea if curly and frizzy as well?

Curly, frizzy and thick to me means hair that can grow straight out and up! This
means keeping your hair either long enough for the weight of the hair to hold it down or short enough that the shape formed by the cut is what you want and not to go too long between cuts that it gets round!

These very different solutions would be best decided on in consultation with a stylist as the rest of the choice is down to suitability to life style and face/ body shape.

Alternatively you could think about permanently straightening your hair as curl adds to the bulk of thick hair and straight hair will give you the appearance of haveing less hair.

See our sections on Getting the most from your next Salon Visit, there is a
really good page here on consultations and how you can use them to find the
right stylist. Also the Salon Services and Chemical Treaments section of V where you can find out more on chemical straightening.


Different hair textures on the same head

My hair is straight through the top, but underneath it is frizzy, like spiral curls.
When i try to scrunch it or curl it the underlayer frizzes out, nothing works! 

Your hair underneath is obviously a different texture to the top where it is straighter therefore you need to treat each area very differenly. Whatever works for one
type of hair will not work the same for the other.

Firstly decide on what you want your hair to do, be straight or curly all over? Then use the appropriate styling method and products to do that job in each area. You may even want to concider getting the underneath section chemically straighten or the top spiral permed to match! In your case the straightening/relaxing sounds most appropriate.

Is a perm the answer?

I have fine hair that is wavy when wet but straighter when dry. It's about medium thickness and touches my shoulders.  9 months out of the year we have very humid weather and my hair frizzes and gets wavy/curly the moment I walk out the door.  I am considering a perm and I would like to know if that is a good idea.  If so, what kind of perm would be best?

If you want a more defined or tighter curl get a perm.

If you want to control the frizz don't.

Frizz is all about the type of hair you have and the condition it is in as well as the atmospheric conditions. Keeping your hair in optimum condition will help prevent frizzing. A chemical process like a perm however, will make it a little dryer and therefore more susceptible to humidity so not the best idea.

Always use a styling product, even if you don't want to for shape or style. They are all designed to make a style last longer and to do this they must protect hair from humidity the cause of a style not lasting.

Lee Cohen from Reds salon in the North of Queensland Australia (very humid
there so he should know) told me that his favourite product for controlling
frizz/static is Osis Sherbet. This is not designed for this use but he finds
it great if used as a fine mist sprayed over the hair from 12 inches away
from the head. His tip is really shake the bottle well before you use it and
it will also give your hair great shine.

The best perm question can only be answered by someone assessing your hair directly so book a consultation with your favourite salon.

Help my electric shock perm!!

I just got a spiral perm two days ago and I feel like I just put my finger in the socket! Naturally, my hair has some body, and I wanted to give the body a boost, I don't feel a spiral is what I needed but my
hairdresser thought it would do what I wanted it to do. I know the "rules" of a perm, I don't use the blow dryer at ALL, I use a big pick just when I
am out of the shower, then I don't touch my hair the rest of the day. I am very sad because I really liked my hair before I just wanted to pep it up A BI T. I was looking for more a shaggy look not a fried look which is what I feel like I have! HELP! Is there anything I can do to calm this perm WAY
DOWN!!!! I can't stand it. My hair is a few inches past my shoulders and is long layered! PLEASE HELP! YOU ARE MY LAS T HOPE!!!!!!!!!!

Firstly I think most people feel to some degree horrified at a new perm and
what their hair has become. The best way I can think of it is, it's like
being given someone else's hair and having to manage it with no prior built
up knowledge of how your hair reacts to certain things. So to help you feel
a little better things do get better as time goes on and you relearn what to
do with your hair.

As for wanting 'body' and getting 'a spiral'! This does not sound much like the solution for someone 'who really liked their hair before" I have no answer here as one is definitely not the same as the other. You describe it as 'electric shock hair' and I am wondering whether your hair reacted as your hairdresser thought it would?! If your hair was very damaged before the perm or over processed during the perm you may get this type of result... In this case I suggest you return to the salon to get it assessed.

Looking on the bright side and assuming this is just a case of learning how to look after your new hair we can help you create your look with a few tips.

Firstly, you now have curly hair so I am going to direct you to all our pages
on issues for those of us with curls. Seconly get rid of the pick comb, I have never really liked them as they put a lot of strain on the hair. For me brushing the tangles out when your hair is dry before shampooing and then combing conditioner through the hair with a large wide toothed comb in the shower is the best way to go. I never comb my hair after it is towel dried as I find it then forms into nice ringlets or
curls of its own accord. You must however not rub your hair to towel dry it
with this method or it becomes frizzy, simply pat it dry or twist it into a
towel for 10 min and then let it fall how it wants.

Good pages to visit are all in Virtual Salon 'V'

Your hair, then frizzy and curly pages

Blow-drying and Styling, then Diffuse drying for curls and the blow-dry
style gallery which has a great example of how to style spirals this month.
Also in this section there is a page on ringlets in the hairup area which
may have a few helpful hints.
Good pages to help with the fried look are also in 'V'

Shampooing and conditioning then the treatments and conditioner section.

Its really important with permed hair to have heavily moisturizing products
to maintain curl rather than frizz.

If the curl is too strong you could try using some of the shampooing and
finishing products to help you straighten hair and then still drying it
curly and this will relax your curl just a little.

Favourite product OSIS Magic to smooth through your hair to separate curls
and de-frizz, use your fingers as a comb when you do this it really works

Hope one or all of this helps

I have curly, frizzy, thick hair and if I let it dry naturally it is
horrible, almost embarrassing. Since I was 14 I have blow-dried it straight,
this looks really nice, but I get so sick of paying for it to be done or
doing it myself.
My hair has loose curls not tight so It could be quite nice if it didn't
have the frizz and the boofieness.
Is there anything you could suggest, I have tried so many different calming
shampoos and serums.

T his is the most requested area of info we get, so it might not help, but you're not alone!

T o get rid of frizz once and for all from your you have to get it into optimum shape. T his means protecting it in the sun, not putting it through to much heat wise (minimal blow-drying and once a year with the flat irons etc) and not over chemically treating your hair (opt for the semi permanent colour rather than highlights or permanent colour).

Hope you have found these sections on the site all of which have more info on the above that may help:


Your Hair - thick, frizzy, curly

Shampooing and Conditioning - whole section but focus on moisturizing and treatments

Blow-drying and styling your hair - Blow-drying straight, Scrunch drying for curls. T hese 2 sections may just have some tips to make what you do now a little easier but must be coupled with the right products.

Salon services and chemical treatments - guide to colour services.

T ry some of these to help with straightening :

Sebastian Laminates (whole range including shampoo and conditioner through to Get It Straight)

Wella High hair straightener

KMS Flat Out (whole range especially for you)

Black Diamond Phyto

Redken Glass

PPS Be straight

T ry some of these to control curl :

KMS Curl up

PPS (Gresham) Be Bent

T IGI Curl Jam

All are sold in salons where you will also be able to ask questions or have a consultation regarding how to get this effect. See V, Getting the most from your next salon visit, free consultations.

I have included reference to wearing your hair curly because this will help with exposure to heat damage. As you say this has not worked in past but there are all these great products out in the last year for frizz and curl that you may not have tried in the past. Hair up styles might be a way to go as well, and yes we have a section on that in Blow-drying and styling!

We also just got a great tip from Daniel Vassey at Sessions salon in North Sydney that using Sebastian's 2+1 treatment and baking it into the hair, section by section, using flat irons is just the best to put moisture back, which is what your hair needs more of.

One possibility that you may not have tried though. Sorbolene Cream, you know the stuff for your skin. T his works as a great curl/frizz controller and it does not cost the earth to try and find out if it works for you.

Hope we were of help


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