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You may think your hair problem is unique but we find the same basic hair styling and hair care issues effect everyone. So take a look through some of these previously asked questions on fine hair and caring for fine hair. The answers are from professional hairdressers and cosmetologists with a wealth of experience, however these are personal opinions and VirtualHairCare cannot be held liable for the results of following this advice.

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Styling tips for fly-away hair:

My hair is really thin and fine and it has loose curls that go really fly away. Could you please give me some easy styling tips for my hair? My hair is really hard to do.

I agree fine fly away hair can be hard to manage, but these tips should really help:

  • Don't let it get too long, it will just look lank.
  • Try a permanent colour or high/low lights as these will not only add interest but thicken the hair slightly.
  • Always use products that are designed for your hair type right down to the shampoo and conditioner through to the styling and finishing range.
  • Never use a 2 in 1 shampoo, they are too heavy for your hair.
  • Apply conditioners and treatments to the ends of your hair not the roots, to prevent weighing it down.
  • Always use a hair spray to help prevent static and fly-away's. You can even spray it onto your palms and smooth them over the surface of your hair to get rid of those sticking up bits.
  • Don't use a very hot hairdryer as it is easy to over dry fine hair.

    For more tips and ideas follow those listed on the fine hair pages.

I hate my hair:

I'm 14 years old and I hate my hair. I see other girls my age with hair that stays knot-free and perfect all day long and I was wondering how I could make my hair like that? My hair gets greasy if I use to much conditioner, it gets really frizzy, it dries out easily, it's mid length, wavy and I wash it every second night. What can I do to make my hair look

The trick is to condition the ends not the roots. Apply your conditioner to
the lengths only and don't work it into the scalp. When you shampoo, if your hair is very greasy you can use a shampoo for greasy hair but keep that to the roots and forget about the ends, where the mere suds rinsing over the hair as you wash it off, will do the cleaning needed. Also don't over rub the scalp as the glands that produce the greasy will be stimulated by this.

Think always about choosing a shampoo for the scalp and a conditioner for your hair and you can't go wrong.

Read our pages Greasy hair tips, Shampooing and Conditioning and
the Frizzy hair page.

Recommended cut and style:

I have dark brown, fine, straight, shoulder length hair which is layered. I usually have a fringe. I have a longish face (pale to med complexion), and I am six months pregnant. I always feel unhappy with my hair.  I feel it always lies flat to my head, and has no definition or style.  I like styles that have some volume.  I don't think I could carry off really short hair as it is so fine and flat, the end result would be terrible. I can spend ages getting some shape into my hair, only for it to sag within an hour.  I desperately need some advice on a suitable cut/ style.
Please help!!

Try some color either high or low lights. Color especially the permanent type swells the hair and gives it some more guts I often steer clients in this direction when faced with your hair issues. I suggest a colouring technique that does not go on all of your hair because the regrowth does not have to be done so often and that can be a big issue for hair that tends to hang. Also some people are worried re colour in pregnancy.

This page also talks about cuts etc when pregnant and you will see why I
don't mention cutting it here. However have you ever tried Velcro rollers
and a fixing spray I find them a simple and strong way to hold bounce in
your type of hair however you do need to go a little more curly than you may want as after about an hour the curls will drop leaving fullness instead.

Make your hair look thick:

How do I make my hair look more thick? I always use the"volumizing"shampoo...but I don't see any effect?!

Try a blunt cut rather than too many layers, consult with your hairdresser on this, try and let them tell you what will work with your hair type rather than asking for a specific style as you may be asking for something that is not suitable.

Ask about adding a permanent color to your hair as well. Permanent colour either all over or as high/low lights will swell the hair a little giving the appearance of thicker hair with more body, sounds silly but really does work. Choosing a darker color than your natural will also add some of that depth you need.

Blow drying tips:

I have fine hair but a whole lot of it. I try to blow dry it to give volume but after a while it becomes limp and it always ends up flipping out after I spend so much time trying to curl it under. What should I do?

When you have a lot of hair (whether it is thick or fine) the big styling problem is making sure it is 100% dry.

If even one section of your hair remains even the slightest bit damp the humidity/moisture generated as it dry's out over the period of a day will cause the rest of your hair to frizz, fall flat/go limp and even change shape (flip out).

Invest in some section clips and always rough dry your hair to remove the excess moisture before beginning to dry it with a brush. Then at this stage start from the underneath and dry it section by section making sure each one is 100% dry from root to tip before moving to the next.

To get extra root lift over direct each section in the opposite direction from the way you want it to fall and dry the root area like this. the kick you achieve at the roots will then force the hair up and over to give that much needed lift.

Fine hair line:

I have these little baby hairs at the front of my head (where my hair starts). They are really annoying. Is there any way I could get rid of them or any product I could use?

It's perfectly normal to have a finer down type of hair around the face. Think of it like a soft blending of hair into face, in fact people who's hair is not finer around the face tend to look a bit like they're wearing a wig!

As for what to do about them, I have a couple of suggestions:

  • Using a hair lightener of the type you would normally use on arm or lip hair. Do not use hair (as in on head) products for this type of hair, as it is normally very fine or spreading down onto the delicate skin of your face. Hairdressing products maybe too harsh and cause a skin irritation or break off the hair if too strong.
  • Removing them by waxing or laser the only one I would avoid is shaving as this will only cause the problem to get worse over time. You would have to be very careful to retain a natural looking hairline with any form of removal though.

If you colour your hair you should ask the hairdresser to take it into account as it can often go brighter, darker or pick up ash tones.

I would like to end by saying this is perfectly natural, having been in hairdressing for years I have seen many differing forms of this hair on clients and would personally start taking a closer look at other people and you won't feel so bad.

Hair that hangs:

My hair is medium length and is very fine and at times I have frizzy and fly away hair , Ii want soft , flat silky hair so it just hangs down instead of flying everywhere, could you tell me what i have to do to get my hair like this , thanks heaps !!!

Buy a pair of ceramic styling irons (ceramic because they help to stop the damage normally caused when styling using hot irons with metal plates). When using them always use a thermal protector (this is often an ingredient in your styling product or can be purchased separately). You will not believe how easy it is to achieve smooth,soft none-frizzy and none-fly away look.

For other information that may help:

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We also just got a great tip from Daniel Vassey at Sessions salon in North Sydney that using Sebastian's 2+1 treatment and baking it into the hair, section by section, using flat irons is just the best to put moisture back, which is what your hair needs more of.


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