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Why is my hair not growing:

I have short hair and it seems to be fairly healthy, but I have
dyed it a lot, and bleached it about 3 times. It just wont grow. In the past 5 months it has only grown about an inch. Is there anyway I can make it grow faster?

Although your hair is short and fairly healthy as you put it you may not have the best conditioned hair with what you have been doing to it and that makes me think that it may be breaking off at the ends so not getting longer.

Check out our pages on split ends for tips and what to
do, the growing your hair page may also help.

Finally check out the section on salon services and chemical treatments, and improve your general knowledge of colour. This will arm you with enough information to not over do it and/or to discover if my assumption is really the case.

The normal rate of growth is approx. 1/2" a month so with yours falling far short of this you may want to look at other factors and consult a trichologist.

Is there a product to make my hair grow:

My hair just doesn't grow and when it does grow it doesn't grow much, normally hair is supposed to grow 1 cm each month I think, but my hair does not grow that much in 2 months. What is wrong? I was just wondering is there anything you can do to promote hair growth or make it grow quicker?

Some people just have slow growing hair and it looks like you are one of them. Growing your hair may have some tips for you.

Alternatively you could try a visit to a trichologist (trichologist in the US ) to see if there is another issue where a specific product for your needs can be prescribed.

Horse tablets:

I have read about people taking "horse tablets" to make their
hair grow faster. What do they mean? Do you have some tips to increase the speed of hair growth?

The horse tablet thing really bothers me, I've never personally heard this rumor but I definitely would never take anything designed for a horse! Or you may have simply heard someone using the expression 'horse tablets' which is often used to describe large pills of any type.

Growing your hair may have some tips for you.

Settling a bet:

My friend and I made a bet. He says that hair grows faster when it's warmer outside. I say that is ridiculous. Please e-mail me back with the answer and your credentials so that he will believe this e-mail is legitimate.

Sorry but your friend is right!

Your hair like your nails tends to grow slightly faster in the warmer months
i.e. summer.

Something more cost effective than extensions:

I really want to grow my hair long. Apart from hair extensions is there a more affordable way to help my hair grow quicker?

Extensions come in many variations to suit different budgets. The most expensive types are made from real hair but with advances in synthetic hair you can get a great result. If considering extensions, for the sole purpose of growing your hair, you need to make this clear to the extension specialist as there can be more hair loss with certain forms of bonding than with others when they are removed.

Check out Growing your hair for all the tips I can
think of for naturally growing your hair.

Curly hair:

How can I make my hair grow longer I've always had slow hair
growth please help me my hair is curly and thick is there any home remedies I can do ?

Your hair probably grows faster than you think! Curly hair does not appear to grow as fast as straight hair as the curls cause the hair to shrink back on itself. Try blow-drying it straight occasionally to give yourself a feeling of progress. If your blow-drying abilities are not so good then invest in a pair of ceramic straightening irons and you won't look back!

Otherwise did you find the section on Growing Your Hair.


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