Zig zag waves of hair from Jayne Wild

Image above by Jayne Wild @ Wildlife Hairdressing, Sydney. Hair that appears overly thick in the bottom as in this image was definitely a theme with the looks seen at this years Hair Expo. Whether false hair in the form of extensions were used or the thickness was created using texture as in this case with the zigzag crimped effect. Get big to keep your hair current.



Ballerina look for hair from Valonz

The ballerina look is an earily 2007 favourite on the catwalks.

Images here courtesy Valonz Sydney/2007 AHFAwards.

Ballerina look for hair from Valonz



Extreme length is another feature of many of the latest images we have been receiving of late.

Extreme length is another feature of many of the latest images we have been receiving of late.

Image Anthony Nader @ Raw Hair, Sydney, Australia.


how to dye hair blonde
Image above showing the simplest of bobs from Adam Noble Next Hair, Canberra.




What's in? The latest looks in hair for Women

If you did not come through our home page your search has only found a small proportion of our vast and useful data base of real information, facts and how-to instructions.

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It's hair awards time of year and that mean lots of new hair collections of hair styles, hair cuts and hair colours all photographed as the hairdressers and hair stylists think we will be wearing our hair over the next year. Its all a bit like fashion shows really with these hair images providing inspiration for us hair salon clients and your local hairdresser. So check these links out-

Hair Expo 2007

AHF Awards 2007

We asked some of the UK's most renowned hairdressers for their thoughts on the latest trends for hair:

"The bob is the big story at the moment" says Errol Douglas "and the big trend for the next 12 months. The bob comes in so many different shapes and forms that it's hard for it not to be big again".

Zoe Irwin (International Creative Director for Headmasters UK) has been looking to fashion trends for her inspiration. "Designs at the moment are more tailored, so as a result hair is more groomed, everything is more structured. In Paris and Milan we saw a lot more sleek looking hairstyles with centre partings".

I think Patrick Cameron the well known long hair specialist would agree with her. "The trend in long hair is very glamorous 'couture hair' in response to some of the fitted, elegant garments. Next year though will be a little less formal".

With the bob being predicted globally as the next big thing in hair we decided to create a page full of 'bob' inspiration.


Lots of volume and large soft curls are also a current flavour.

Anthony Nader at Raw hair gives us a long red hair style

If like most of us you need a little help to get your hair to curl the way you want, rather than it wants then check out these links:

Scrunch or diffuse drying

Textured looks

Body waves and perms

Styling with rollers etc

Image above Anthony Nader

Afro hair from Yasmin Harland

Talk about volume! Above Yasmin Harland, WA.



Plaits and hair top knot from Joharn Cuthbert

Thanks to Joharn Cuthbert, Cafe Styles, Perth for the image above.

Adding braids into any up style will give your hair a very current flavor.



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