Brunette hair color with highlights

Image above Hair Machine Adelaide, Australia.

Alana Wootton layered hair

This look by Alana Wootton of Halcyon



True copper from Heading Out Hair & Beauty

Image Caterina Di Biase @ Heading Out Hair & Beauty, Melbourne, Australia.







What's in? The latest looks in hair for Women

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Everyone it seems wants dead straight hair and the slightest kink or curl is being removed from all the styles we are seeing right now. Whether you are blow-drying it, ironing or chemically straightening your hair everyone who is anyone is doing it!


Deep red brown hair colour

If like most of us you need a little help to get your hair totally straight check out these links:


Flat ironing

Chemically straightening



All images in this section from the 2003 AHFA Hairdresser of the Year Mick Luppino.

Long bob shaped hair cut from Mick Luppino


Dark red brown hair from Mick Luppino

Thanks to Mick Luppino, Sydney


Bleached blonde hair from Mick Luppino

Courtesy Lupinno's, Sydney


But don't completely despair if you have curl and want to keep it as the word is out that curl will be the hairstyle of choice by December 2003!


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