big hair with curls from Shane Henning

Pic above from Shane Henning @ NOK

Coutesy Adam Noble and Next Hair

Coutesy Adam Noble and Next Hair

Coutesy Adam Noble and Next Hair

All images above are from the latest collection of looks from Adam Noble of Next Hair, ACT, Australia

Images below courtesy of Alfredo Santo & The Tremayne Creative Team, Melbourne Australia.


What's in? The latest looks in hair for Women

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Shane Henning, of NOK in Newtown, Sydney, is becoming used to having his talents with hair recognised as a previous recipient of The Hair Expo Hairdresser of the Year award. For his salon NOK (short for Noddys On King) this years awards night was theirs with the salon as a whole taking out the awards for Salon Team of the Year and Best Photographic Collection. So, if you are after "the" salon to get your hair done at, this one could be the place!

We spoke to Shane about what he thought was going to be happening to the hair of us fashion conscious hair addicts over the next 6 months.

"Curl is in for a strong come back as we move away from all the stick straight looks. Curls will be big and and full with lots of volume but still very natural. Colours will be golden and coppery, the earth tones bronzes and caramels all very popular. At NOK we do a technique called 'colour flinting' using these colours to personalise selective pieces of hair adding flecks of colour to the ends or wherever needed to suit the style".

and some hair tips please Shane:

"Do what your hair wants to do. Hair is easy as long as you don't fight it."

Thanks to Shane and his team, I think we have some good thoughts there.

VirtualHairCare previous predictions:

Mid 2002 sees hair getting a 'grown- out" feel. Gone are the geometric/asymmetric sharp cuts of the 80's resurgence, all being swopped for jeans and some 70's hippy chic!

Don't make the mistake of taking the term 'grown-out' too literally. If you don't keep your style shaped to perfection it can take on a bulky, rounded feeling in areas where you really don't want it too. This will leave you looking like you didn't have the time to get your hair done rather than the casual, sexy and chic image that is the essence of the season.

Keeping your hair in good condition and finding the right products to prevent your hair looking frizzy or fluffy, are especially important for these looks where shattered or feathered ends often form the detail of the cut. Don't forget to ask your hairdresser what they would recommend and get them to show you how to get that just left the salon effect.

Coutesy Adam Noble and Next Hair
Coutesy Adam Noble and Next Hair
Coutesy Adam Noble and Next Hair

All images above are from the latest collection of looks from Adam Noble of Next Hair, ACT, Australia


The Tremayne salon of Melbourne Australia recently released their summer 2001/2002 Style Report which we feel will give you some great ideas for your next style change.

Soft, Sexy & Feminine are Tremaynes hair predictions. The looks ooze self-assured femininity.

Hair Cuts:

The 3 big hair cut trends are long fringes (influenced by super model Caroline K); razored out bobs and longer looks (think Charlize Theron & Natalie Imbruglia); and the Parisienne crop a la Kate Moss. Celebrity style is having a bigger than ever impact on hair trends around the world.

Short chic looks are hot news. Hair is undercut creating a strong perimeter with length maintained through the top area to five an overall softness. Short looks are super sexy worn up and away from the face.

Razored, feathered, layered cutting techniques soften winter styles and create movement and texture. Styles loosen up for summer with the bulk and weight being removed resulting in easy to manage and beautifully versatile looks.


Colours are lightening up for the summer months and blonde hair colouring is big news. Colours are not as gold as the previous seasons and are becoming more muted ads even feature pastel, frosted shades. All colours are very tonal with several shades of the one colour used to create the overall looks, this results in multifaceted, luxurious colour that moves with the hair.

Blonde is beautiful. They feature shades of blonde that are perfect for every skin tone. Miami, Sahara and Glamour Blondes feature shades of cool vanilla, pale biscuit, sand, wheat and caramel.

Reds cool down for summer with maroon and copper overtones used as the foundation for contrasting pieces of glistening gold to lighten up the look.

Brunettes are also lightening up with cool shades that shimmer with health and vitality. Tan, Velour and Suede browns combine to give brunettes a stunning signature colour.

Tremayne like to emphasise that each colour formulation is created to bring out each persons individual beauty by assessing skin tone and eye colour.

Beautifully cut and coloured hair that is healthy, gleaming and looks effortless completes the total look.

Thanks to Alfredo Santo and The Tremayne Creative Team.


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