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What's in? The latest looks in hair for Women

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VirtualHairCare predicts:

Cuts will be generally shorter the 'bob' and the 'undercut' being the shapes for mid to late 2001. Giving your look that 80's feeling will be the key to getting it right. Checkout Shane Henning's bob to the left to see what we mean. It's that asymmetric fringe (bangs) that make it the look to achieve. The boyish undercut as sported by the model below and left is the latest look for our celebrities right now with Kate Moss, Fanni Bostrom and Amanda Brown all sporting their own versions.

The use of extensions to add co lour to almost any hair cut was very evident at Hair Expo 2001. This trend is not for the shy, it is funky almost punky, with ribbons of the brightest colours inserted underneath the surface of your own hair so that they peak out from below.

This is not just fun it has some very particle reasoning behind it too. If you wanted to die your own hair these shades, not only could it be very damaging but would also tend to fade quite quickly, which are both non-issues with extensions.

Pic from Ainslie Elphick, Valonz, Sydney

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These are some of our previous predictions:

Rob Hastie and Tracey Colebrook of Shibui are predicting "a year of strong bold hair colour and the return of the fringe" for 2001.

"Deconstructed Bob's" (that's hairdresser speak for the looks Kate Moss and Jennifer Aniston are sporting of late) will be the shape of the year. Rob had a few words of wisdom to share with you when choosing a hairdresser to give you a deconstructed look; "Structure is easy, it is what you learn firstly when training to be a hairdresser, but unstructured cuts as in the deconstructed bob is much harder, it takes a hairdresser a long while to learn how to break the rules successfully. Pick a top salon that does things of the minute, but is not ruled by it, so that you get a look that suits you. Also look for someone with a few years under their belt who has had more time to practice breaking the rules".

Pic by Shibui
Pic by Shibui
Pic by Shibui

Bennie Tognini of top salon Tognini's gives us the latest hot tips on women's hair:

"For women, texture is becoming bigger with looser hair that moves. Whatever the length, hair is not left straight, it is shorter from the top and extended longer towards the perimeter. Colour should have lots of depth with rich tones suited to your coloring and the shades are now richer and stronger. Your hairdresser should be making sure that they are not blowing your co lour out to be too crazy but are working with lots of pieces in undulating tones using a mixture of 3 colours. The application of the colour is the key to allowing the look to live in different shades with light throughout".

Courtesy of Bennie Tognini: Agenias Collecton, Hair: D.Stratford, Makeup Y.Lukowski, Pix: P.Sarguson,


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