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Images above from Ali Holmes @ Wild Life SOGO Surry Hills, Sydney, Australia

Gentlemen forget taking your styling tips from "Something About Mary" and try keeping the following in mind:
When using styling products put a little on one hand (less is better you can always add more), rub it through both hands then comb through with you finger tips. When there isn’t any left on your fingers rub your hands together to get the remaining product from your palms and again apply with your finger tips.

If you want "spikey" or "messed up", comb your hair back with your fingers (like Elvis) then use your finger tips as an extremely wide comb to flick hair forward (just like playing the piano on your head).

Tips from the multi award winning Wild Life Hair - for more go to www.wildlifehair.com


VirtualHairCare says, "it's back to the 80's".

So start growing out your crops and let your hair get longer. The 'mullet', that's the one with the longer back and shorter sides and top and the 'undercut', as in cropped underneath then really long on top falling over the eye. Yes, you will all be trying them out in the near future!

All images on this page courtesy of the finalists of the 2007 AHFAwards

Carol Hadad
Benn Jae
Michael Johnson
Cision Hair  


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