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What does the term to 'thin out the hair' mean?

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To "thin" your hair is a hair cutting term that simply means to remove bulk or thickness from the hair but to retain the length of the hair during cutting. It is mainly used to create more texture as in curl or exaggerate pieces of hair and to thin out (lessen the bulk of) very thick hair. You would not do this if your hair was very fine generally as this would make the hair finer (fine or thin hair is normally blunt cut to make it appear thicker). This phrase is often used by hairdressers but as a client it is a scary idea as it gives me a vision of thin hair or even hair loss and often results in a complete misunderstanding of what is about to happen to our hair.

So as always here at VirtualHairCare, we will attempt to explain what this term in more detail:

The technique is different for each hair cut depending on the requirements of the style and the density of hair of each individual.

It is often referred to as 'personalising' a cut by hairdressers, as firstly they put in the basic shape, and then when hair has been blow-dried and styled, they go back over the cut and 'thin it' to make it sit better and add shape and style.

Specialist thinning scissors are used in some cases or the points or tips of ordinary hairdressing scissors are used in a particular way giving a more individual effect.

The advantages of thinning out the hair can be many and varied and here are just a few:

  • it removes thickness or bulk if you have very thick hair.
  • helps the hair to sit better as the style demands.
  • adds shape without loosing length.
  • can create a wispy or separated effect.
  • adds height and volume, when really short pieces are used to support longer lengths of hair.
  • can create a textured effect.

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