Mark Leeson - eye skimming red fringe/bangs

Hair style right on trend with eye skimming fringe by Mark Leeson

Jayne Wild gives the fringe/bangs a hard blunt edge on this bleached white blonde look
Images on this page are courtesy of the 2008 Hair Expo Awards for more on the individual stylists check out the award submissions.
Jayne Wild gives the bob shape and the fringe or bangs a slightly rounded feeling
Don't want to commit to a fringe then clip one on! Jayne Wild uses a hair piece here to create this effect.
Dieter Mersmann's blonde bob with heavy bangs
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Mana Dava has used organic curves to flatter this face shape
A strong hair color will add even more contrast and frame the face when used in combination with bangs - by Kate Jones

Fringes/bangs 'they're hot'

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The hottest hair style trend of the moment is the fringe or bangs think Kate Moss (eye skimming), Nicole Richi and Jessica Alba's (grown out fringe styles), Kate Hudson (straight bangs with waved lengths) or Mischa Barton's (fringe and bob combination) the celebrity list goes on. Whether it's the eye skimming bangs, the strong blunt cut fringe or the grown out textured soft fringe its the look of the moment that will give any cut or hairstyle a current on trend look.

Tip - Remember your face shape is a really important consideration when thinking about updating your look with a fringe or bangs, as they are not for everyone. Very long faces will all be flattered by any type of fringe as the length of your face will be reduced. Beware though if you have a short or rounder face as you could make your face seem even smaller and if your face shape is square remember that soft edges are the most flattering so avoid the stronger fringe looks.

We hope that some of the looks we found from the 2008 Hair Expo Awards give you some hair style inspiration.

Shane Henning's take on the angled bob with eye skimming fringe/bangs
Shane Henning has opened up the face by cutting the fringe or bangs a little higher  
Achieve this look by blowdrying the fringe or bangs straight and using a styling iron or tongs to create the curl  
A full fringe will help to shorten a long face shape - by Shane Henning  
Ali Holmes has used crimping to give exagerated fullness  
Maria Uva combined a soft strawberry blonde with a sharp bob shape with straight fringe  
Joey Scandizzo has styles a blunt fringe with floaty ends  

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