Disconnection in this hairstyle makes for a very alternative bob from Caterina DiBiase

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Disconnected Hair Styles

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We have separated the hairstyles we feature into lengths of hair and types of hair styles e.g. curly, bobed, with a fringe or straight so that you can find the hair style that will work on your hair quickly and easily along with any information that may help you achieve the hair style you want. On this page we feature a series of hair style that are disconnected shapes.

Disconnected hair cuts can be of any length but will feature extreme length changes that are not blended together (layered evenly). Disconnection in a hair cut tends to give it a strong look that has more of an edge to the shape. Hairdressers often use disconnection to high light an area in the cut that is a different colour to the rest or to create a feature piece. It is also a good way to retain thickness in very fine hair whilst moving between shorter and longer lengths.

Anthony Nader has combined two hair cuts in one with this disconnected shape Chad Drinkwater created this hair style by disconnecting the longer piece in the fringe
Esalons Emiliano Vitale uses disconnection in this hair cut
Disconnection in the cut combined with color disconnection will exagerate the hair style - Jenkins
With this hair cut the crown is cut short with longer disconnected fringe and sides from Jason King The sides of this hair style are left disconnected and longer from Jason King
The overhanging length of hair is diconnected from an undercut shorter section to create this hair style from Amanda Craig Disconnection does not have to be extreme as with this slightly longer piece in the fringe
Sheree Simpson - disconnected hair style Mana Dave - disconnected hair cut

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Plenty of wet look gel was used to create this short style

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