Pic - Kerry Goudas shows a model with a diamond shaped face
Pic - Kerry Goudas shows a model with a diamond shaped face



Diamond Shaped Faces

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With a diamond shaped face all the width is at the cheekbones and the chin and forehead are equally as narrow. The oval face is considered the perfect shape, so we always try to create that illusion when giving advice about face shape. Try some of these hair tips to help create the illusion of the perfect face shape with your hairstyle for the diamond shaped face:

  • Unless your face shape is dramatically diamond shaped you can get away with most styles.
  • To balance the narrow chin of your type of face, go for width and fullness in this area. The all time classic bob really works for you as long as you keep fullness at the nape.
  • If you go for a fringe keep it wispy and generally don't go for too much hair over the face.
  • With shorter hair bring wisps forward over the cheekbones for softness.

Image from Mark Woolley UK shows wisps over the cheek bones

Image from Mark Woolley UK

  • Book, or drop in at your favorite or local salon and get a consultation. These are free of charge and will give you some great ideas that you can have a think about. If you have a decent printer, you can also print out some of our images and take them with you to see what the hairdresser thinks. Hairdressers really appreciate this as it gives them a starting point to say "yes, we can try this but your own hair is more wavy so will look more like this" for example. If you can't find pictures of what you want, take along a picture to show them what you don't want! We know this sounds strange but in the hands of an expert it will be obvious as to what you will like.

When talking to a hairdresser about a new cut, check out our section making sure your hairdresser understands what you want for tips. It can make a big difference to be able to tell your hairdresser exactly what you want.


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