Victoria Beckham's New Hair - Commented by British Colour Experts

Leading hair colour experts Gary Hooker & Michael Young, of award winning salon group Hooker & Young have made the following comments on Victoria Beckham’s new hair.

‘ Victoria has a sixth sense in staying one step ahead when it comes to hairstyles. She led the way last year, and with this new look she continues to be at the forefront of fashion. This Vidal Sassoon inspired cut from the early 1970’s works well with her bone structure and poise, and was recently carried off by Sienna Miller in Factory Girl. Influenced by the famous teardrop hair cut, Victoria is taking the bob to the next level.

Victoria Beckham had a big influence on block colours over the winter months but the multi-tonal shades in the new style add more depth to the look. The mixture of cinnamon and caramel create a relaxed feeling, while the blonde highlights give a summer touch. There is a strong chance that the highlights are actually pre-bonded extensions, as available at Hairaisers, a leading hair extensions company, but if, not Victoria is continuing to make a bold statement by moving away from the subtle and soft highlights that have been popular in recent months.

Remember Aeon Flux with Charlizes Theron the hairdresser on this film really had some fun! That was well before the 'Pob'! These looks also inspired by that film may help you remember.

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Celebrity Looks

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Or Victoria Beckham's page........ we do try to feature all celebrity hair changes but for some reason Victoria Beckham just keeps on appearing in our celebrity hair style up dates over and over again!


Victoria Beckham known for her iconic hairstyles debuted this dramatic new shorter do at the Marc Jacobs fashion show in NYC on Monday night.
Please find below how to create this look using Schwarzkopf OSIS+ products. OSIS+ hairstylists are available to provide feedback on styling upon request.

‘How to get this look’

  • Spray OSIS+  HAIR BODY into shampooed towelled dried hair , and blow dry with fingers.
  • Use OSIS+  BUFF and OSIS+  THRILL mix together to create texture, definition and shine.
  • Finally spray OSIS+ MATT EXPLOSION to complete this " glamour punk" look.

 The OSiS+ range is available from Schwarzkopf Professional affiliated salons

Previously t hanks to Victoria Beckham aka Posh Spice we have the 'Pob' a close relation to the bob made famous by 60's hairdressing icon Vidal Sassoon. But it's not just Victoria Beckham that is sporting a bob this season check out Nicole Richie and Sienna Miller too. The bob comes in so many forms that there is bound to be one to suit you so check out our dedicated page to its many variations.


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All looks courtesy of the finalists in the AHFAwards 2007.


Found this one for you and loved the idea:


This year’s Oscars offered us the usual mix of style queens and style fiends but, while everyone is busy concentrating on the stars’ frocks, their hair-dos are often overlooked, and yet your hairstyle certainly makes or breaks an outfit and affects your confidence on that special night.

One Oscar-winning trend this year was to wear long straight hair down, in a side-parting, cascaded over the shoulder, with a sleek, glossy finish. Gwyneth Paltrow, Nicole Kidman and Reese Witherspoon all wore this style well and it complemented their understated, elegant frocks.

This hairstyle may look easy to achieve, but unless you’ve got a pocket-sized hair stylist in your evening purse, it’s not so easy to maintain – especially on a night as long as the Oscars!

‘Straight Up Or Curl’ is a revolutionary new style saver for your hair from product innovation company BEAUTIFUL VENDING. This essential device is finding its way into rest rooms at all the coolest bars, nightclubs, shopping malls and gyms around the UK , enabling you to re-do your style at the same time as you freshen up your make-up.

For just a small fee ( £1) and a couple of minutes, you can return yourself to that cool salon style – and only you and your closest girl friends will know your secret! Leading hairdressers, such as Garry Chapman from Scruffs, agree:

“We work for a broad clientele who demand the very best in haircare and go to great lengths to make sure every client leaves here looking and feeling her best. But what we have no control over is the weather, which can make a real difference to a style within yards of the salon door! We sell hot stylers for home use but what a brilliant idea from BEAUTIFUL VENDING to have the hair stylers available to girls when they’re out and about to keep their salon style looking fantastic.”

VHC Comment: Well you would need it if you had to put up with British weather!

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