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The bob hair cut was made famous by Vidal Sassoon in the 1960's but it's a hair style that has been worn throughout history (think 1920's flapper or 1970's men's haircut). Originally created in 1909 by Parisien hairdresser Antoine it was defined as being a hair cut that ended inbetween the bottom of the ear and the jaw line in a weighted section of hair. It really is an 'all time classic' hairstyle worn by the 'liberated woman'. It can be worn with or without a fringe or bangs, with blunt hard edges or softened with layers of hair and even curly or straight. Our collection of bob hair styles spans just 3 years of various shapes and trends but they are all based on the traditional bob hair cut shape.

Caterina DiBiase straight bob hair style with full fringe Geoffery Herberg blonde bob Vas Eliadis bob hair cut
Anthony Nader @ Raw Hair highlighted bob with full bangs Shona Cataldo long bob hair cut Emiliano Vitalie Esalon hair cut based on a bob shape with disconnected pieces

All looks in this section courtesy of the finalists in the AHFAwards 2007.


Andre Favia bob shape hair style Andre Favia bob shape hair style
Robert Bava's version of a bob hair style Robert Bava's take on the bob Textured disconnected by Dusa
Dark brown hair with a style based on the classic bo haricut Maria Legudi copper red bob hair style
Jasmin Harland blonde hair with a bob style

Predictions for 2006/2007 are for the return of the bob as the must have hair cut so we hope some of these images all courtesy of the 2006 Hair Expo Awards will give you some inspiration.

Bob insprired hair style from Shane Henning Long hair cut above the shoulders is not a traditional bob shape but this hair style from Shane Henning was definately inspired by the bob
Adam Noble gives a soft touch to a bob hair style Mathew Nichler copper red bob
Robert Bava with a bob variation Tracey Hughes - copper red bob shaped hair style
Wig cut into a bob shape Kristianna Michaelides ReneeWalkom rounded bob hair cut
Julia McGrath
JuliaMcGrath Nicole Abela
Sharn Harrington golden blonde ahir style Hair up style shaped to resemble a bob Sharn Harrington
Kerry Goudas - long bob shaoed hair cut Kerry Goudas gives a soft wispy finish t this bob hair cut

Kerry Goudas dark red brown with highlights




1920's bob shape


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