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Tips on how to get your haircut just right

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When trying to find your ideal haircut what we all really want is for someone to just know the answer. We live in hope!

So to help you get it right, what do you need to consider?

  • Face shape
  • Natural movement: curly, straight, afro
  • Texture: fine, thick
  • Lifestyle: are you sporty and need a wash and go type style or does your work require you to tie your hair-up, do you wear make-up or not as some colours look good with both but others do not.

Face shapes and complementing them with the right cut have been dealt with on other pages, but separating the rest of the rules into nice easy to use sections is a little harder and as we all know every rule was made to be broken. But you want answers, I hear you cry, so we jotted down a few we could think of, then went out and asked the experts. So if you like what they have to say you should consider these points when you next need a cut.

Layers: Great for lift and body but can make fine hair look thin if not used sparingly.

One-length shapes: Often percieved as 'sexy long flowing hair' but watch out that yours doesn't hang around your face like a curtain! If your face is long or you have naturally dark circles under the eyes this type of cut can often make you look drawn and unhealthy.

Michael Bozina senior stylist at Wink Hair in Sydney suggests "a shiny semi permanent colour to make long hair look sexy and healthy".

Natural curls: Curls suggest fun and you will never suffer from lack of volume but make sure you get your hair reshaped regularly as when a layered style gets a little too long it can look very round, so making your face look fat or too "girlish'. Also watch out for one length shapes that can end up looking triangular and rather cartoonish, not to mention how wide this can make your jaw look!

Michael Bozina says "length helps with controlling curl and you must always have the right shampoo and styling products to suit your hair type".

big curly hair style

Image courtesy 2007 AHFAwards/Paula Kelly QLD.

Profile: Not something we consider ourselves as we don't have to look at this angle in the mirror! However you do need to think about this when considering the shape of a cut. A slightly saggy chin can be lifted with the right angle of tapering into the nape or exaggerate it! A fringe (bangs) cut bluntly into very long hair can look disconnected and "stuck on" if not used in combination with soft layering around the face.

When talking to a hairdresser about a new cut, check out our section making sure your hairdresser understands what you want for tips. It can make a big difference to be able to tell your hairdresser exactly what you want.

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