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Get Yourself Straightened Out!

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Michelle Aldridge, Creative Director of the renowned hairdressing salon Shuum, Brisbane, has given us some hair styling tips and techniques to give you a smooth transition from curly to straight hair. What you will need is the right hairstyling tools, some suitable hair straightening products and loads of hair-styling patience.

"Depending on how rebellious your hair is, straightening it at home can involve up to 45 minutes with a blow dryer or straightening iron. The right products are essential to keep hair frizz free and straight", says Michelle.

When choosing straightening products Michelle recommends "products that are formulated to suit your hair type. They should also offer protection from heat styling and lock out any moisture as damp atmospheres and humidity will spring curls back into your straightened hair."

For finer hair, a flexible gel spray (Tec Ni Art Flexi Design) or mild setting lotion (Tec Ni Art, Tec Ni Pli, sensitive hair) will straighten hair without adding excess weight or losing volume. Denser hair will benefit from a combination of straightening balm (Tec Ni Art Liss Control) and gel spray to add texture needed to straighten hair. No matter what hair type, always finish with a gloss product for extra shine.

Chemically relaxing hair provides a more permanent solution for straightening hair. This process involves chemicals with properties that change the internal structure of the hair to straighten it. "It works like a perm, but instead of winding hair on rollers, we comb the hair flat. Just like a perm, regrowth will need to be straightened every two to three months to ensure evenness in texture", says Michelle.


To transform curly tresses into straight, frizz-free hair at home follow Michelle's tips:


  • Hairdryer with a nozzle to direct the airflow.

  • Large round brush with real bristle. (Real bristles grip the hair adding tension to straighten out the curls).

  • Clips to pin up unwanted hair.


  • Fine Hair: flexible gel spray or setting lotion and gloss

  • Dense Hair: straightening balm, gel spray and gloss.


  1. Shampoo and use a moisturising conditioner.

  2. Detangle hair using a wide toothed comb and then blot dry. Hair should be almost dry when you begin.

  3. Evenly apply a straightening balm or setting lotion throughout the hair.

  4. Gather all hair from above the ears and secure on top of your head.

  5. Starting with hair in the nape, section off a 5 cm wide piece of hair.

  6. Draw your brush from the roots to the ends, keeping tension in the hair and blow dry ensuring the flow of air is directed straight down the hair. Keep a medium to high heat with the hair dryer about 3-5cm from the hair so as not to burn it.

  7. Make sure the hair is fully dry before you repeat the process for the entire head.

  8. Once complete, run a gloss product though for extra shine.

Michelle Aldridge is the creative director of Shuum, Brisbane.

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