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If you have ever seen a hair style and wondered if it would suit you or wanted to know how to create that hairstyle yourself at home then you may find the answer here. Our detailed explainations cover who would suit the hair style, the hair type it is suitable for, the styling technique used to create each hair style, what products to use and what hair colour was used. Before you rush off to try the hair colours and hair cuts out remember these points:

  • Having the right type and texture of hair is the most important element to achieving a style.
  • Your haircut must support the style you are trying to recreate.
  • Your own hairdresser is the best person to show you how to style your hair. Give them a call or pop back in to see them if you are having problems. They should not charge you for this as it is really to their benefit that your cut always looks good.
  • It is the tools that are used, i.e. the styling products, brushes, hairdryers and attachments that are the key. Watch what your stylist does; ask them why they do it this way or that and why they use a particular product the way they do.


Pic thanks to Mark Hill British Hairdresser of the Year

Mark Hill, UK



Hair Types suitable for: Medium to fine hair that is straight or only slightly wavy. Very fine hair would also not work with these shapes as the layering would make your hair look finer (try a blunt bob if this applies to you).

Style/cut: This shape is based on a bob but heavily layered around the face to give the wispy/textured look.

Tools and Products needed: Hairdryer, vent brush and a light oil to define the strands to finish.

How to: Dry your hair in many directions e.g. across to the left then back off the face etc. When 100% dry, set your hairdryer to cool and brush forward to the basic shape. This will give a little lift without making your hair too full, and the cool setting will fix it in its final position. Rub a little oil through the palms of your hands then through the ends of your hair to define and texturize.

Colour: Fine blonde highlights of two or three different blonde shades.

Anthony Nader-2007 AHFAwards

Hair Types suitable for: Medium to thick hair that is straight or a little wavy. If your hair is curly you can achieve this but you will have to be a blow-drying expert!

Style/cut: One length without any layering with a heavy
blunt fringe.

Tools and Products needed: Hairdryer with a nozzle attachment, a gel straightening product and a large round natural wooden bristle brush. Thermal (metal centre) or man-made fibre brushes will not achieve this degree of shine.

How to: Click on our section devoted to blow-drying your hair straight. To finish use a couple of drops of oil smoothed over the surface for added shine and to prevent the frizzes. A little hair spray for moisture protection is also a good idea.

Colour: This beautiful carmel tone is achieved using a high and low lighting technique that mixes blondes and browns.


Anthony Nader-2007 AHFAwards


Geoffery Herberg-2007 AHFAwards

Hair Types suitable for: Most types of hair would work for this style although some would have to be thinned out more. All textures except very curly or afro hair would also be appropriate. It the face shape that must be siutable for very short styles like these.

Style/cut: This is a short basic layer cut and the skill is in adding the right degree of texture or 'choppiness'.

Tools and Products needed: Your hands, a hairdryer and a little wax.

How to: Dry your hair off very roughly using a fast hot setting on the hairdryer. Rub some wax through your hands to distribute it then through your hair. Push your hair in many direction to work the wax through even use the flat of your hand rubbed in small circles to created knotted section where you want more height. Finally, with a little extra wax, push your hair into the shape and directions you want. Don't be too fussy and knowing when to stop is the key.

Colour: This is an all over colour and could be either permanent or semi permanent depending on whether you want lighter or darker hair. These are strong looks that can be very high maintenance.


Geoffery Herberg-2007 AHFAwards

Hair Types suitable for: Any amount of hair but must be naturally curly or permed.

Style/cut: The cut is not so important if all you are trying to create is the type of curl. If you like this exact shape though it is based on a graduated bob.

Tools and Products needed: A curl enhancing gel (if you have wavy or soft curls), a hairdryer and diffuser and an oil based defining product.

How to: Work gel through all of your hair first then begin to separate it into small to medium sized sections. Using a little oil on each, twisting each section until it begins to curl back on itself, then loose it and begin on the next. When you let go of each coil it will unwind a little but not fully. Once you have completed your whole head, set your hairdryer to a low speed high heat with the diffuser attached. Dry off without touching your hair until the surface starts to show signs of frizzing. Leave it to dry the rest of the way naturally. When 100% dry shake out a little with your hands. If certain pieces go frizzy e.g. when you lie on them you can reshape using a little more oil.

Colour: This beautiful strawberry tone could be recreated using a tint or semi-permanent colour all over. Alternately in this texture of hair chunky highlights work well.

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