A light hold wax or pomade could be used for this hair style finish

Pic Anthony Nader courtesy AHFAwards 2007



Geoffery Herberg would definately need a wax produt to finish thick hair like this
Men's spiked hair cut

Hair Wax

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There are more and more styling and finishing products on the market each week to cater to every hair styling need. We have tried to simplify them into six main categories but these are only ment as an aid to understanding there use they are gels, mousses, hair sprays, waxes, pomades and oils/drops.

As a general guide hair styling products go into wet hair to give hold and help retain style. Hair finishing products go onto dry hair after you have finished blow-drying or between shampoos to recreate your style daily. Some products can be used for both. We have listed the use (styling or finishing) next to each product type when you click on a selection below you will get more detail on each:

Wax (Finishing)

What's it for? Wax creates natural texture by clumping strands of your hair together. Best for shorter layered styles.

How's it used? Take a small portion onto the end of your finger then work around your palms in a washing type motion. Many waxes will go white or foam slightly when you do this. Now work your hands through your hair roughly to distribute. Finally, place your hair how you want it.

How does it feel in your hair? "greasyish" but moveable without flopping.

Alternative ideas: Good for spikes and defining shapes.

Shona Cataldo used a wax to finish this short womens hair style


Mens looks from Rebecca Campbell

en's spiked hair cut
en's spiked hair cut

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