UK hairdresser Mark Woolley would need plenty of hair gel for this style
Pic above UK super stylist Mark Woolley

Pieced out hair sections as in this style would use hair gel to help separate the sections.

Image from Heading Out Hair & Beauty, Australia



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There are more and more styling and finishing products on the market each week to cater to every hair styling need. We have tried to simplify them into six main categories but these are only meant as an aid to understanding there use they are gels, mousses, hair sprays, waxes, pomades and oils/drops.

As a general guide hair styling products go into wet hair to give hold and help retain style. Hair finishing products go onto dry hair after you have finished blow-drying or between shampoos to recreate your style daily. Some products can be used for both. We have listed the use (styling or finishing) next to each product type when you click on a selection below you will get more detail on each:

Gel (Styling)

What's it for? Generally gives a stronger hold and feel to your hair than mousse. Good for short to medium hair lengths of hair and useful applied to the roots of long hair to give volume. Available in several variations; normal (basic gel formula), wet look, gelee (less sticky on the whole) and spray.

How's it used? For all types except spray; apply a blob to your hand then work though hands and fingers before applying. Make sure its never applied in a blob anywhere, particularly at the front so that you don't end up with an extra-firm bit, the more you use the harder your hair will set. Gel's are generally applied to wet hair although they can be used in small portions to separate pieces of dry hair. If your hair is a little longer, keep it to the ends to break them up and give texture or the roots only for lift.

How does it feel in your hair? The more you use the crisper your hair will feel, but with even a small amount you will know you have something in your hair. Some gels are now designed to brush out of the hair and leave no trace so if you are left with white flakes or dust after using gel, you either used way too much or the type you used is not great quality.

Alternative ideas: Firm Gel creates great "spikes". Spray Gel for effects like the one to the left.


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Gel is a favorite men's hair styling product - pic Joey Scandizzo

Gel is a favorite men's hair styling product - pic Joey Scandizzo

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