Paula Kelly creates classic large curls with smooth finish to the hair using roller setting
Dressed set curl by Anthony Nader of Raw Hair

Create lift at the roots using large velcro rollers as in this hair style by Rebecca Woloszek

Create lift at the roots using large velcro rollers.



Styling with Rollers or Setting Hair

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If you are after a more elaborate dressed hair style, a 40's or 50's 'hair do', extra style support or a longer lasting hair style even if you have failed at using the hairdryer and brush method, then rollers or setting the hair may be the answer. Rollers, velcro rollers and hot sticks simply provide a shape to mould your hair around, which, once fully dried and cooled off, will often last longer than a blow-dry. They will also add curl to straight hair when used with the right finishing product.

It is worth mentioning, before you read on that if you have fine, straight, glassy hair, these methods may not work. You may be successful at achieving a slight wave but it may only last for a few hours!

Tracey Devin Uk gives us classic roller set curls 

General rules for using rollers:

  • Choose the size of roller by the length of hair you have and the tightness of curl you want. Hair must go around the roller one-and-a-half times to give lift and volume as well as to stop the roller from falling out. For every turn around the roller after that, you will get more and more curl and a tighter result.
  • A section (piece of hair you are putting the roller into), should be the same size as the roller or larger.
  • Direct the section of hair to be rolled in the direction which you finally want it to go in the style you are aiming for. For example, back at the sides or rolling away from the face.
  • Offset the sections or "brickwork" them for a more natural modern look. If you don't offset them placing each roller directly behind the previous one will leave "tramlines" that will show in the finished result.
  • Make sure the hair is totally dry before you remove the rollers as the hairstyle will not last if it is still damp.

Velcro Rollers

Lift at the roots can be created easily in mid and longer lenths of hair using large velcro rollers as in this look from eSalon

This is the "modern roller" needing no pin to hold it in place as it "sticks" directly to your hair. You can use them to style your hair from wet/towel dried or put them into almost dried or styled hair to give that last bit of lift or finish.

Hot Rollers or Hot Sticks (used on dry hair)

This hair style form Emiliano Vitale at eSalon is set on hot sticks and then dressed by separating the curls to give a fluffy finish

  • Make sure the hair is 100% dry before you begin.
  • Spray the entire head with hairspray which will allow you to keep working the hair before you section.
  • Take the first section, comb it smooth and spraying it again before putting the first roller into the hair. The sections are wound in the direction you want the hair to go and are approximately the width of the roller.
  • If you make the sections bigger than the rollers you will get a result that has more curl at the end than at the roots.
  • For a spiral look to your curls, twist the section of hair before wrapping it around the roller.
  • Allow the rollers to fully cool before removing them.
  • Finally, with a tiny portion of hair drops or oil worked around the hands, use your fingers to separate out the curls. Some people like to turn their heads upside down to do this.

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