Hairstyle Thanks to Bennie Tognini: Braille Collection: Hair by Tuovi, Colour by Tuovi/Ward, Makeup by Tracey Tognini, Pixs by Golding

Courtesy of Tognini's Australia


The Simple Plait

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This is the plait that sits away from the head and can also be used to create waves. If you were after the type of plait that follows the curve of the head, that's called a French plait. You need reasonably long hair for a simple plait, if your hair is long but you have some shorter layers, a French plait might work better.

Tools and other items you will need:

  • Covered elastic bands
  • Paddle or similar brush to remove tangles
  • A little hair spray
  • A clip to keep hair not being plaited out of the way
  • Possibly a few pins or grips or odd pin if you have layers to secure any stray bits!


  1. Brush your dry hair through to remove tangles. Sweep it back into the nape and divide it into 3 equal sections.

    easy hair plaits

  2. Take 2 of the sections in your left hand separated with one of your fingers, and the third section in your right hand. Then take your right hand over the top of the middle section whilst at the same time passing the middle section to your right hand and the section originally in your right hand, to your left. This will leave you with 2 sections in your left hand as before.

    how to plait my hair

  3. Now cross the outside section that is in your left hand over the new middle section. You can use your right hand to grab this and bring it across, leaving you with 2 sections in your right hand.

    plaiting hair at home

  4. Now pass the section from the outside right, over the middle.

    hairstyle plait

  5. You should now have the beginings of the plait. Keep on crossing right over center and then left over center.

    cabelo para cima

  6. When you reach the ends of your hair, secure it with a covered band.

    plait hair method

Try this on someone else first or on the piece of hair that hangs down in front of your face as I did to write these instructions! Once you have a rhythm going it is actually very easy.


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