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Plaiting to create a Crimped effect

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For an alternative hair style why not try a crimped effect. This can be created with crimping irons but if you want to achieve this hair style without the heat damage that can occur with the over use of crimpers or even something to keep the kids amused this could be fun to try.


  • If your hair is short or you have short layers through the top be warned the result could look like you just got electrocuted!
  • Combine straight fringes or bangs with crimped lengths and ends by starting the plaits a few inches from the scalp.
  • For a fluffy soft finish brush out your dry hair with a pad or paddle brush.
  • Only crimp a few sections and curl wave or straighten others for different effects.

Keeping it simple and crimp plaiting the ends over gives a fresh look from Peter Di Renzo

Tools and other items you will need:

  • Covered elastic bands
  • Paddle or similar brush to remove tangles
  • Gel or mousse and possibly some oil/glass
  • A large comb
  • A clip to keep hair not being plaited out of the way
proprietário de salão de cabelo
Como a cabelo de trança


The size/number of plaits you create will give you a different effect:

  • For large gentle waves divide your hair up into about 6 sections and plait loosely.
  • For stronger waves, 6 sections will again be about right but plait the hair tightly.
  • For sharp zigzag waves or that crimped effect, you will need at least 14 sections, the more the "ziggier" it will be.


  • You don't need to shampoo your hair to do this, just dampen it a little.
  • Comb through some gel or mousse.
  • Divide your hair roughly into the number of sections you want. The rougher the sections the better as the ''section marks' in the final look will not be noticable.
  • Divide each section the same as for a simple plait (see below) and start plaiting as close to the scalp as possible.
  • Finish as near to the ends as as you can.
  • Carefully secure with a covered band so that it does not become undone, but not so tight as to bend the ends upwards, as this will be reflected in the finished look.
  • Leave overnight.
  • Remove in the morning and either shake out with your hands or brush through lightly. Brushing will give a bigger, more full effect.
  • Smooth out any 'frizzies' using drops or oil spread over your hands then stroked down the length of your hair.

Use the simple plaiting method below or go to the simple plait section for more detail

hair up style how to plait hair plait hairstyle plaiting braids plaited hair

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