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Blowdrying and Styling your Hair

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In depth 'how to's' and hair maintenance advice which will help you to create your own hairstyles, blowdrys, wedding and prom hair. We will also teach you about all the different types of hairdressing tools and hair styling techniques. Everything from how to 'get the hair style you want' to 'what brush does what' and 'how to use a blow-dryer' correctly. We even have a section jam packed with how to diagrams on braiding and plaiting your hair and up styles for prom nights, wedding and special occasions.

How To's of Hair styles and Blow Dry's

"Scrunch drying" for curls

Blow-drying your hair straight

How to Create a Quiff

The Flick; how to create the look

Plaiting or 'braiding' your hair

Blow drying for volume, body and bounce

Latest looks for party hair

Creating those textured "messy" looks.


Hair Up and Prom Styles

Hair up-styles

- including French Rolls, Classic Buns and the Chignon

Pony tails

Plaiting or 'braiding' your hair

-includes simple, french and fishtail plaits as well as plait gallery of styles

Getting Married?


Tools, Products and Techniques

Which brush should I use?

Back combing

Styling Irons

Styling with rollers

Styling with tongs

Styling with flat irons or crimpers

What do 'thermal protectors' do?

Gel, Mousse, Pomade, Wax, Hairspray or Oil? Which one should I use?

Making Ringlets


Brushing Tips from the professionals

Blow drying Tips from the professionals

How do I make it look as great as it did when I left the salon?

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