These ringlets could be natural or spiral permd to get this effect.

Classic ringlet hair style from Shane Henning

Lee Cohen of Reds has used a styling iron to create these soft ringlets in this hair style

Hot sticks were used to create ringlets on thick blonde hair by Geoffery Herberg


Joey Scandizzo of Rokk Ebony created this beach look with a hot styling iron

Hair Ringlets

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You may have natural curl that falls in ringlets but most of us will have to learn how to make ringlets in our hair. There are several ways starting with tongs for the easiest ringlets, hot sticks, setting your hair on pipe cleaners (that's the really curly version) perming your hair in a spiral, using a hot styling iron and finally for those of you with a hankering for the old fashioned, plenty of patience, a girlfriend to help with the back and the ability to sleep whilst wearing what looks like a hair do someone at Cirque Du Solei should be wearing there is rag ringlets. Once you have made the ringlets though you don't just have to let them sit there you can get creative and bobby-pin, knot and generally go crazy to find new and interesting hairstyles.

To make hair ringlets using tongs and hot sticks:

The technique for setting the hair around pipe cleaners is the same method as with tongs and hot sticks. The smaller the sections of hair you take the smaller the ringlets but the section size is never any smaller than the diameter of the tong or hot-stick or what ever you are setting your hair around.

Always use a thermal protector with a heated hair styling tool and you will need a setting lotion or other hair styling product with some degree of holding power so that the ringlets last.

To make the ringlets simply twist the section of hair a little (number of twists depend on the length of hair you have, but not too many or the hair will begin to twist back on itself) before you wrap it arond the hair styling tool. The twist will hold the section together and give extra definition to the ringlet. Now wrap the hair in a spiral fashion along the length of the hair styler heat and then allow to cool.

To make hair ringlets using a styling iron:

See our section on using a hot styling iron to create curl for instructions on making ringlets. The technique is the same as for curling you just have to practice to get the perfect curl that falls in a ringlet in your length of hair.

To make Old Fashioned Rag Ringlets:

Tools and other bits and pieces you will need:

  • Gel, mousse or fixing spray (products designed to define or enhance curl are best)
  • A selection of silky material (so as not to tangle in the hair as it is removed). The material needs to be cut into lengths 3 to 4 cm (1 to 1 and a half inches) wide and 3 times the length of your hair.
  • A water spray
  • A cushion type hair brush for initial de tangling.
  • Hair spray to finish.


  • Part your hair and take an initial section about a couple of cm square. Don't be too fussy with the sections as when too neat you see little squares on the scalp when finished. You can take larger sections and get more of a ringlet wave effect.Mist the section with the water spray. Mist = vaguely damp not wet.
  • Apply your gel, mousse etc. The more you use the more crisp the finish will be.
  • Take your first strip of material and tie a secure knot, close to the base of the section. The knot should be tied such that one side is the same length of your hair. Holding this (the now shorter length of material) taught, wind your hair around it tightly so that it forms a coil/ringlet.
  • Now hold both hair and material strip as it is wound around one hand and pick up the loose long end of your material strip with the other. Bind it around your twisted hair. It is very important to bind in the opposite direction to the way you twisted the hair. You will know straight away if you get this wrong as the whole thing will unravel!
  • When you get to the ends of your hair, bind back on yourself a couple of cm and then tie off as you would a bandage, by tearing the fabric down the middle a little way and knotting. You guessed it! Repeat until the rest of your hair is bound and leave overnight.
  • When you get up, use your hair dryer to ensure all sections are dry. Let your hair cool off for about half an hour, then remove each binding very carefully.
  • Spray with hair spray, then either leave it if you like the effect or shake out using your fingers to loosen the ringlets a little.

Hair style ideas using ringlets:

Make a few ringlets around the face or scattered through your hair, even mixed up with loose plaits for a funkier hair look.

Draw your hair back into a ponytail and form ringlets in the hair of the tail.

Oscar Cullinan has used large hot tongs to make these ringlets

Thanks to Oscar Cullinan

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