Pic from Mark Woolley UK

80's styling by Anthony Nader

Pic Anthony Nader, Raw Hair Sydney

A more classic variation of the quiff by Heading Out Hair & Beauty

A variation on the classic quiff from Heading Out Hair and Beauty, Melbourne, Australia


Pic Maria Legudi Heading Out Hair & Beauty

Pic thanks to Tognini's Brisbane

Togninis Brisbane



How to create a"Quiff"

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Make your hair famous! A favourite hair style of hairdressers working with fashion designers for the catwalk shows of Paris, Milan, London and New York. The 'Quiff' is a hair cut originally made famous by James Dean and then decades later by John Travolta in Grease. The quiffed fringe is a strong statement in all its variations for either men or women's hair styles and comes in 1940's, 1950's, 1960's and 1980's styles.

Rocker quiff by Suki

1960's Rocker

To create it for yourself follow these basic instructions:

  • Blow-dry your hair straight or very loose long waves.
  • Take out the front section of your hair across your forehead from temple to temple, about 6cm deep. It does not matter if you have a fringe as this can be incorporated into the look, but you may need to take the section slightly deeper if you do. Clip out of the way for now.
  • Draw the sides of your hair back off your face smoothly and either pin or ponytail using a covered band at the crown. Leave the back of your hair to fall loosely over your shoulders.

  • Now take the top section now backcomb heavily to give lots of support. Hairspray is invaluable when creating this look, spray it onto each section as you backcomb it to give extra hold. If you have a fringe, some strands may be left out and the rest incorporated into the quiff.
  • Once you resemble someone who's just been given an electric shock, take a paddle brush and smooth the outer surface of this section, drawing back to the crown but leaving it looped forwards enough to form the quiff. The trick here is not to untangle the backcombed hair underneath.
  • Pin or wrap the ends of the hair around the hair already secured at the crown, and continue to smooth and fix your quiff into the desired effect using the hairspray.

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