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When you are after something for a special occasion like an evening hair style, prom night or even a hairstyle for your wedding we hope to bring you some hair inspiration here. Hair up looks like the bun, chignon or French roll can however form simple daily variations of hair style for those of you with long or medium length hair. This may even be a necessary style choice if you work in professions like nursing, catering or are a flight attendant.

Sleek classic up style from Suki
Hair Bun incorporating hair band from Paula Kelly
Asymetric up style with a crimped hair finish by Kai Wong Kai Wong works with blonde hair
Highlighted blonde hair worn in a very natural hair up style by Sophia Taurae
soft feminine hair up style using a ribbon hair band secured with bobby pins by sophia Taurae
Robert Bava of Palour Hair Studio converts a bob hair cut with hair extension for this hair style Robert Bava of Palour Hair with his blonde top knot
Lee Preston uses tiny ponytails to form this look
Suki's version of a bun hair style
Hair padding is used to build this hair up shape Is it a short hair style? Nancy Rao makes long hair look short
Chad Drinkwater creates a matted texture of hair and then froms this shape using hair padding
From Frances Cutri elongates the head shpe to form this hair style
Matthew Webb's hair knot Jason Fassbender takes a new look at the chignon by placing on the top front of the head
Carol Haddad shows her talents with hair by creating this very clean hair roll Hair padding is used to build this hair up shape by nancy Rao
Michael Evans bleached blonde hair is pulled into a top knot and curled Carol Haddad uses hair twists
Sandra Craig hair up curls
Courtney Treyvaud roll of hair
Peter Di Renzo Lynette Robinson
Peter Tiller hair extensions are used to add the longer pieces of hair
Peter Tiller bright copper red hair curls
Rebecca Woloszek lots of bobby pins and hair grips would be needed for this style Caterina DiBiase of Heading Out Hair and Beauty hair styles to match the fabric
Caterina DiBiase of Heading Out Hair and Beauty shows us why she wins so many awards for her hairdressing Caterina DiBiase of Heading Out Hair and Beauty shows how a change of texture from the previous shot can change a hair style
Ali Holmes from WildLife Hairdressing twists the hair into multiple tiny knots Caterina DiBiase of Heading Out Hair and Beauty shows us why she wins so many awards for her hairdressing
Ali Holmes WildLife Hairdressing
Pamela Tinning natural fishinf to this up hair style
Clayton Wheeler soft feminine look
julia McGrath create classic Hollywood glamour
Ashleigh Croker has rolled hair ahd mixed it with a hair sash all using hair extensions
Blonde hair roll almost a quiff shape from Kaliope Kentrotis
kate Jones used a nest for her inspiration we think Kate Jones stared with a series of ponytails to creat this style
Julia McGrath wraps hair around the head suzie Mcdonald clean and classic worn catwalk or wedding gown in would work just as well
Hair machines Damien Rinaldo uses three knots of hair
Suzie Mcdonald makes hair rolls for this blonde style
Paloma Garcia useds hair bands and bobby pins to great effect Jayne Wild multi award winning hair stylis from Wild Life rebalances the normal styling rules
Up and down styling for this shape of hair
Rebecca Woloszek mixes plaits in this up style
Shona Cataldo uses curled and straight hair in this style 40's reminisant fringe by Jock NZ
Jock of New Zealand has up styled the back of this look and created waves and curls in the front with a ceramic hot iron styling tool
classic up styling from Jock NZ
Brad Ngata Hair Direction up style fine blonde hair eSalon use a fringe or bang roll and leave the rest of the hair naturally styled
Brad Ngata uses a roll of hair at the nape of the neck
Suki upstyle
Barney Martin makes even shorter hair into an upstyle
Fake hair is used to make the heart shaped hat or hair and add colour. Brad Ngata
You can build up the hair with padding to create many shapes this from Steve Salemme
Steve Salemme's clean up style
Royston Blythe hair up style using a roll Royston Blythe bring a fresh and more casual look to the hair roll by leaving the back section long


The images in the section below, from the 2006 Hair Expo Awards, have an air of soft feminine hair styling coupled with some sophisticated glamour. For more on the hairdressers use the HairExpo link.

Robert Bava mixes an upstyle and ponytail Fringes take the harshness out of pulling hair off the face from Shona Cataldo of Cataldos Canberra
Hair bands used with an up hair style from Brad Ngata

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