Robert Bava of Palour Hair with his blonde top knot or bun



Matthew Webb's hair knot based on the classic bun

The Bun

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As with many hair-up styles a little practice and you can achieve this hair look in a couple of minutes. The classic bun is one of the easiest hairstyles in the hair up section and is so simple that it is used to control long and medium length hair styles for sports and work as often as the ponytail. To give the hair bun a fresh and modern feel keep it informal and not too tidy, in other words, if you mess up it will undoubtedly look better! The only criteria for this style is that your hair is long to mid length, at least over your shoulders. If yours is not and you fancy something similar see chignon.

Tools and other bits and pieces you will need:

Covered band to match hair colour


Hair pins or grips to match hair colour

Paddle brush (best type of brush for a smooth effect)


  • Brush for a neater effect or finger rake your hair back for a casual effect, into a ponytail at the nape of your neck. Secure it with a covered band.
  • Twist the tail until the hair begins to stiffen and recoil on itself.

  • If you are after a messy finish to your bun, pull a few pieces out at this stage from close to the ends of the ponytail so that the pieces are not too long.
  • Wrap the tail around on itself in the nape to form the bun.

  • Secure the end by poking it under the original covered band and then securing with a hairpin or grip.

Try sweeping your hair from a low side parting into a bun at the back or even taking the top section of your hair into a bun and leaving the rest to hang free. 

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Hair machines Damien Rinaldo uses three knots of hair redesign the classic bun shape

Pic from Damien Rinaldo, Hair Machine, Adelaide. Australia.

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