The perfect crimped hair style from Maria Legudi

The perfect crimped hair style from Maria Legudi

The zig zag crimping here would be created by wrapping fine sections of hair around a hair ping and then heating the section with a flat iron before unwrapping it

Image from the 2007 British Hairdresser of the Year Awards

Create a slight bend to the ends by twisting your wrist just before the hot styling iron plates slide off the ends of the hair
Hooker & Young UK

Tip - use a fine toothed comb against the scalp to stop you from burning your skin.


Classic crimped hair with plenty of backcombing for root lift

Antoinette Beenders renouned UK hairdresser

Antoinette Beenders gives a bob shaped hair cut loads of volume by crimping the hair and brushing it out to give an almost frizzy hair style

Styling with Flat Irons and Crimpers

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It may seem odd to put these two hair styling techniques together but the basic principles of creating either hair style are the same. In fact you can even buy flat irons that become crimpers (and vise versa) by turning the heads around. The larger the blades, plate or heads the quicker the task as you can take bigger sections at a time, but they are only suitable for longer hair. Smaller handbag sized irons are better for shorter hair or fringes. You can also buy specialized hair styling irons of variours wave or crimp sizes to allow you to create larger or smaller waves in your hair.

  • For added volume on fine hair begin by spraying a volumizer in at the roots before you dry off.
  • Make sure hair 100% dry before you begin.
  • Work on sections about 2cm deep and slightly narrower than the width of your iron at a time.
  • Clip unwanted hair out of the way and make sure each section is tangle free before you begin.
  • To get the look to last longer, spray each section of hair, with hairspray before you iron/crimp it.
  • Work form close to the root to the ends.
  • If flat ironing drag the iron slowly down the length of your hair smoothly, when you get to the ends insure none are missed or you may end up with frizzy tatty looking ends.With crimpers you don't drag them through the hair at all, but sandwich the hair for a few seconds at a time between the irons then remove them to work on the next piece of the section.
  • Caution: Don't place the iron so close to the scalp that you burn yourself! Special care is needed around the forehead as a burn does not add to the attractiveness of your style.
  • Always iron or crimp all of your hair and allow it to cool before finishing by drawing your fingers, wide toothed comb or brush through your hair. Each one of these "brushing out" methods respectively will give a more blended finish to the hair.
  • Which ever way you "brush out" the hair the final finishing is best using your hands with a little oil or gloss distributed evenly over them to either smooth over the surface for the altra sleek ironed look or to separate the waves by drawing your fingers through crimped hair.
  • For the latest more textured look try crimping or ironing only random sections of your hair.

Anthony Nader creates stick straight hair using flat irons

  • Note that any time you use heat on your hair you are damaging it so both of these looks should be reserved for those special occasions. Alternatively you could try plaiting your hair over night the old fashioned way to get that crimped waved look without using heat.

Flat ironed fringe section of hair with the rest of the bob shaped hair cut crimped from Maria Legudi

Flat ironed fringe section of hair with the rest of the bob shaped hair cut crimped from Maria Legudi

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