Kai Wong of Togninis created this hair style based on a bob shape
Pic Kai Wong from Togninis Brisbane

Brushing Tips from the Professionals

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There are five main types or classes of brush (vent brush, Denman, pad/cushion or paddle brush, thermal brush and round brush), each designed for a specific purpose. Brushes are often refered to by brand name Denman is an example and so is Mason and Pearson. It is what you can create shape wise with the correct hair brush that is important. The right brush will give you height, volume, bounce and curl for big hair or smooth, flat, sleek and straight hair. The right hairdressing tools do make a difference.

.........but so do a few tips from professional hairdressers!

Regular brushing with a ball-tipped bristle brush through to the scalp will stimulate the blood supply and promote healthy growth. You must use a ball-tipped bristle or scratching will occur.

  • Brushing not only removes dust and grime from your hair, but also helps to distribute the natural oils that your hair needs for protection along its lengths.
  • Brush out any tangles before shampooing. It not only makes life easier but avoids unnecessary stress on your hair later.
  • Never use a brush on wet hair, always use a wide-toothed comb.
  • Heavy wooden brushes are easier to straighten hair with.
  • Moulded brushes are much lighter so are easier on the arm muscles!
  • The best finishing brush for that smooth silky look is the large paddle brush.


Bennie Tognini, top session stylist, past president of the Australian Fellowship of Hairdressers, industry icon and owner of the famous salon "Tognini's" in Brisbane has given us a few of his secrets to good brushing:

"To brush your scalp without scratching it, use a brush that has soft plastic knobs on the end of the bristles. This also stimulates and lifts a dry scalp. Denman brushes from England are the best flat brushes and I prefer one with 9 rows of bristles. This allows for more control of the hair when blowdrying to produce a higher quality and smoother finish. Beware of imitation brushes made of plastic, which tend to fall apart quickly.

"The size of the brush really depends on the length of the hair. Finer hair should use a brush that is the size smaller to give more support than a large brush. The smaller the brush, the greater the root lift, bristles should be more open and not closer together to allow the air and heat to penetrate the hair".

"When using a round brush, each section should be less than the width of the brushes to avoid tangles".

"Cleaning brushes is very important and can be done by using another strong bristle brush in a criss-cross action. Don't soak wooden brushes in water but rinse and use a brush or comb to take out the build-up". Shampoo can be used to wash bristles"

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