Nothing makes hair look more healthy than a good blowdry

Image courtesy Mark Leeson UK

brunette hair swept to one side and blow dried straight

Image courtesy Mark Leeson UK



Blowdrying Tips from the Professionals

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So you've tried everything and still can't get your hair the way it looked when you left the salon. Maybe it's time to take a few simple tips and how to ideas from some of the hairdressing industries best stylists! Styling your problem hair areas like cowslicks, double crowns and sticky up bits and providing solutions for which hair brush to use, what hair product works best and making blow-drying simple are all tricks and tips delt with on this page.

  • If you want to get rid of that cowlick, try drying the fringe hair forwards with a round or vent brush to weigh it down. Alternatively choose a cut that incorporates the cowlick into the style.
  • If you have a "Double-crown" (when you have two crowns on the top of your head instead of one) problems can be very annoying. Try drying the hair first in the opposite direction to what you want then back the other way. This will make the hair stand uniformly. Never dry the hair flat to the head, as it will magnify the double crown.
  • If your hair sticks up at the crown it is cut too short, begin to grow it and then try the other tips.
  • To prevent heat damage use a thermal protector. These also add body and shine.
  • Your hair only begins to take on its final shape when almost dry. So save time and stress to your tresses by rough drying the worst of the moisture out first. Simply shake dry with your hand and hair dryer, being careful not to over dry the crown and surface of the hair.
  • Take the effort out of blow drying by using clips. Pin the top layers out of the way and begin with the underneath sections e.g. the nape hair.
  • Fully dry each section before moving to the next to prevent it reverting to its natural state.
  • Aim the airflow from your dryer along the hair in the direction of the ends to get a smooth finish.
  • Allow hair to cool before removing your brush from a blow-dried section of hair. This will make your blow-dry last longer as it is like using tongs or setting rollers. Leave the hair as it falls from the brush, only running your fingers or brush through it when all the hair is finished and cooled off.
  • The best finishing brush for that smooth silky look is the large paddle brush
  • Finish off with an oil or gloss to prevent frizz and add shine. We love OSIS Magic!

The professional tips on styling below are kindly provided by Bennie Tognini, top fashion stylist and owner of "Tognini's":

"Prepare your hair for styling with a good shampoo and conditioning treatment. Remove excess water before styling and power dry loosely. Determine the style and apply products to the hair, evenly working from the roots to the ends in your hands. Comb through, starting at the bottom of the hair in downward strokes, gradually working your way up higher. To be in control of the blowdry, section your hair up and start with the under sections. Work to a system especially if using a round brush, deciding whether you want to gain body, straighten or smooth your hair. Loose styles should be created by softly power drying with your fingers on low speed and to finish use the correct finishing aids to create shine and texture."

"For curly hair, blow dry with a diffuser on low speed and apply the product before the hair dries to enhance and separate the curl".


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blow dry using a large round bristle brush and create ringlets of curl using hair tongs

Courtesy Joey Scandizzo of Rokk Ebony Australia

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