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Your Hair Product Information Centre

If you did not come through our home page your search has only found a small proportion of our vast and useful data base of real information, facts and how-to instructions.

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The VirtualHairCare Products Section, is an environment where you can find out all the basic information about your hair and beauty products.

We debunk the myths about what is safe and good for your hair, feature articles on the best and worst products and solutions out there.

The latest listing of new products on the market

The right product for your styling needs

Japanese Style Permanent Hair Straighteners: we have the gossip

Natural Products: What are they and what's so good about them?

Peroxide, Alcohol and Ammonia: The Three Dirty Words

pH: What is all the fuss about?

Product build-up

Are professional products better?

Is there any link between Hair Products and cancer?

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