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We get lots of questions regarding natural products and what to use on your hair to achieve a result without harming the environment. Well you can go out and buy the basic oils etc. from the local health food store or even smear your locks with things your mother used to use. However there are a lot of not so good side effects with this approach. For instance an oil could be too heavy on its own leaving you with great conditioned hair but looking greasy and lifeless and have you ever tried to rinse mashed banana out!

Hair product supply companies to the rescue. Yes it's a marketing ploy, for some, because there are sufficient like minded people out there that want to do the right thing, but surely that's the point. So we have been doing our research and come up with some answers for you, so when you next purchase what ever you need for your hair you can ensure you get an item from a company that thinks like you do:


No testing on animals and this extends to source products.
100% plant ingredients organically grow, whenever possible
Materials undergo life-cycle analysis to determine their least environmental impact.
These guys think of everything from an organic company cafeteria to a standard mantra of "reduce, reuse, recycle". Donate to: The Earth Foundation, Earth Day, America Recycles Day, Riverkeepers and the Jane Goodall Foundation.
Does not undertake testing on animals and does not contain any animal ingredients.
All products use botanic's and organic's, although the percentage differs from product to product. ARTec's purehair range boasts 100% pure essential oils and contains naturally derived certified organic's
Has a recycled packaging policy.
Supports assorted charities and fundraisers in conjunction with hair salons such as Fashion targets Breast cancer.
Totally against animal testing and refrains from using any animal product or by-product in its raw materials.
The exact percentage varies between items produced however all products are natural based and some are 100% natural.
De Lorenzo has an in-house cardboard recycling policy, items such as shippers are reused at least 4 times before being recycled. Excess or unnecessary packaging is kept to a minimum and plastic bottles etc. are also recyclable.
Proud sponsors of the Sydney 2000 Paralympic Games. Providing the athletes their haircare needs. In conjunction with this they also individually sponsored Priya Cooper an Australian Paralympic swimmer who won gold. Other sponsorships include the Royal Institute for Deaf & Blind Children, Co.As.It an Italian Association for the integration of migrant families to Australia and the Salvation Army.

Not at all in favour of animal testing. Tests are carried out on humankind

The percentage of natural ingredients used varies from product to product. Large amounts of Pro vitamin B (panthenol) used and plant milks.

Aluminium and biodegradable plastics are used wherever possible as they can be recycled.

Major charities supported are the Savation Army, Smith Family, Spina Bifida, Cancer, Heart and the Sydney Mission.

Test on humans not animals.
Many natural ingredients are use in the Gresham products including essential oils and botanical extracts. The perfume in the Scalp Solution product range is made from essential oils as well.
Bottles are made from recyclable plastics and packs are filled with flo-pac, this breaks down in water and can be eaten if you dare!
A very proudly Australian company supporting local jobs and other local issues such as schools, child care and local sports teams. The Asthma Association, the Sporting Wheelies Association, the Road Safety Council and Children's Hospital all receive donations from Gresham. Overseas they support 2 children in Colombia.
Believe it is morally wrong to test on animals this extends to base products.
Strive to create the most natural products with highest concentration of purely natural botanical ingredients. Exact percentage differs from item to item.
Yes, tries to use recycled paper and soy ink whenever possible. Bottles are coded for efficient recycling and are currently made from new and reground plastic, although testing is in final stage for a bottle containing a higher degree of post consumed resin.
John Paul Dejoria one of the founders of the company is an emissary of the United Nations Environmental Program. This guy puts mere mortals to shame on his level of commitment to the environment. With awards from People for the Ethical Treatment of animals for pioneering the first salon products not tested on animals to Partners Award from the American Oceans Campaign. The rest is too numerous to mention here.
None of their hair care products or cosmetic range are tested on animals
Difficult to give an exact percentage as each product differs. Sebaastian makes it a priority to use natural botanical ingredients that are renewable recourses whenever possible. As an innovator in the use of natural products have created Colourshines a deposit only pure hair colour (no peroxide, ammonia or alcohol).
All bottles, jars, tubes and cans are recyclable and consumer's are encouraged to be responsible in this manner.
To date Sebastian has raised more than $17 million for causes including AIDS research, humanitarian issues, animal welfare and the preservation of the environment. At the head office in California a rainforest has been built in the building where children are invited to learn about deforesting, indigenous peoples and ecosystems.

This table is in the process of being completed. Blank spaces mean that we are awaiting information from the companies concerned regarding their stance on the above. In order to show no bais the words used are those supplied, although where enormous amounts of information has been given we have picked out the important bits. A big thank you to those that have already contributed. If we have missed your company out or you would like to contribute let us know at:


Some facts that you may find of as much interest as we did when sent them during the research for this article, courtesy of John Paul Mitchell Systems:

What is natural?

Ingredients which originate from plant,animal or mineral sources and remain largely as they are found in nature. Some manufacturers maintain that a product is natural with as little as 4% of its ingredients from natural sources.

What is synthesized?

The joining together of different substances to form an entirely new substance. For example, in our own bodies we join sunlight (UV) + cholesterol in skin to create vitamin D. Therefore synthetic chemicals can be natural in origin.

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