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Hair Expo is the major hairdressing trade show in the southern hemisphere and the 2004 show is once again at Sydney's Convention and Exhibition centre on the 12th, 13th and 14th of June. VirtualHairCare was there to check out all the latest hairstyle inovations and hair predictions so look out for more hair tips and information site wide.

Australia is known for its fine editorial work and the Hair Expo finalists set the trend in new looks for the year to come. These looks are used as a benchmark by both trade and consumers across the world.

Winning salons and stylists are marked in gold.

Hairdresser of the Year

long blonde hair styled with a styling or flat iron
Oscar Cullinan, Oscar Oscar Concept Salons, Brisbane
hair set into curls using hot sticks or tongs
Shane Henning, Noddy's On King, Newtown, Sydney
cool brown hair tones give a natural look to this hair image Emilio Cataldo, Cataldo's, Canberra.
Classic blonde
Lee Preston, Lee Preston Hairdressing, Perth.
big full of volume hair
Robert Bava, Toni & Guy, Adelaide
layered hair style Sharon Blain, Art of Hair, Sydney
Caterina Di Biase, Heading Out Hair & Beauty, Melbourne
1970's inspired full curls Brad Ngata, Brad Ngata Hair Direction, Sydney
bleach blonde asymetric bob Brett MacDonald, Synergy, Sydney
altenative hair style
Jayne Wild, Wild Life Hairdressing, Sydney


New Zealand Hairdresser of the Year

short hair style

Bronwyn Illingworth, Toni & Guy, Auckland.



long hair style
David Malo, Bouy Hairdressing, Wellington
long hair is curled on the ends

Michael Beel, Bouy Hairdressing, Wellington

1980's inspired hair style
Sharlene Sutherland, Deja Vu Studio, Dunedin

Hairdressing Technican of the Year

bright copper red hair
Angela Pastore from Colour Cosmetica, Adelaide.
hair is panel colored
Caterina Di Biase, Heading Out Hair & Beauty, Melbourne.
strawberry blonde curly hair style

Dieter Mersmann, Wild Life Hairdressing, Sydney.

mens longer hair style

Belinda Jeffery, La Boutique, Sydney.


New Creative Force

curly hair style
Shona Cataldo, Cataldo's, Canberra.
hair up
Summa Horgan, Wild Life Hairdressing, Sydney.
mens hair style
Cameron Rains, Brad Ngata Hair Direction, Sydney.
bleached blonde hair with hair extensions
Weila Shieh, Tognini's Hair Skin Body, Brisbane.


Apprentice of the Year

hair colour is sliced through the hair to achieve this style
Nigel Hazon, Brad Ngata Hair Direction, Sydney.
Knotted ponytail
Brendan Bugner, Wild Life Hairdressing, Sydney.
Sections of this blonde hair are curled and others straightened with a styling iron

Maria Galluce, Heading Out Hair & Beauty, Melbourne.


curly hair
Scott Best, Togninis Hair Skin Body, Brisbane.

Salon Team of the Year

afro hair style

Wild Life Hairdressing, Sydney.


Push your hair to one side for this 1970's inspired hair look

Brad Ngata Hair Direction, Sydney.


curly hair with two tone hair colour to give the appearance of thicker hair

Lee Preston Hairdressing, Perth.


Ponytail Hair Machine, Adelaide

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