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VirtualHairCare as always visited Hair Expo 2003 and we certainly saw... everything. So if you are after the low-down on anything hair that took place as part of the weekends happenings, this is where you will find the information.

Ionic or ceramic were the big product developments that we noticed. If your new hairdryer or staightening system does not include the use of 'negatively charged ions' to bring you added conditioning benefits then your just not up with it!

If your hair brush or flat irons are not made of the latest ceramic heat conductors to bring you maximum drying/styling action at the same times as not getting too hot and burning your locks then you may as well not bother! It all boils down to hair condition and even though we want to tease our hair into the styles a lot of the time we are doing it no good in the long term. Developements like these help to not stress or damage the hair as much but moderation in any styling would still be our best advice though.

Styles at Expo 2003?

There was a definate theme to the styles and cuts on display from both the international and home grown hairdressers. Fringes were strong and bold, not a fine wisp in sight. Many were asymetric, the hair sitting over one eye. The blunt fringes were contrasted with the rest of the haircut where texture and movement but not curl was more the theme. Often cut into 'V' shaped points at the back and again an asymentric theme.

What Colour Trends did we see this year?

Colours were strong and bold or in the words of Annie Humphries or Vidal Sassoon they were "mono or accent colours that literally pop out of the shape of the cut". There was not a fine high light anywhere, colours were placed in panels or large sections that peeked through in all their vividness. Most people wouldn't be up for a pink stripe but the techniques demonstrated were very translatable into more everyday colours and would be very effective.


The coveted Hair Expo Awards are very competitive, if your hairdresser makes the finalists list you know that they really have made it as far as the hair world is concerned. Winning is the highest honour in the hair industry so congratulations to all the winners on the list marked in red:

Hairdresser of the Year

blonde straight haircurly hair
Oscar Cullinan from Oscar Oscar Concept Salons in Brisbane.
layered hair style
Shane Henning from Noddy's On King, Newtown, Sydney.
afro hair stylesblonde hair style Emilio Cataldo from Cataldo's, Canberra.
straight hair
Lee Preston from Lee Preston Hairdressing, Perth.


New Zealand Hairdresser of the Year

dark brown hair color

Cameron Grimshaw, Toni & Guy, Auckland.



white blonde hair colour
Jan Waite, JanWaite Hairdressing, Auckland.
big 1980's inspired hair style

Michael Hamal, Ginger Megs, Christchurch.

Mens hair
Lucy Vincent-Marr, Stephen Marr Hair, Skin, Body, Auckland.


Hairdressing Technican of the Year

hair highlights
Angela Pastore from Colour Cosmetica, Adelaide.
bright copper red hair
Caterina Di Biase, Heading Out Hair & Beauty, Melbourne.
golden blonde hair style

Debbie Poulter, Lee Preston Hairdressing, Perth.

curly hairstyle

Jodie Fisher, Noddy's On King, Sydney.


New Creative Force

curled hair lengths with straight fringe
Angela Allport, Cataldo's, Canberra.
Rock chic hair style
Dimitri Papas from Stellios Papas Salon's, Brisbane.
champagne blonde hair
David McCulloch, Noddy's On King, Sydney.
hair styles and cuts
Luke Reynolds, Tognini's Hair Skin Body, Brisbane.


Apprentice of the Year

Asian hair
Gabrielle Tobias from Noddy's On King, Sydney.
long chocolate hair colour
Scott Best, Oscar Oscar Concept Salons, Brisbane.
blonde and curly hair

Peter Beckett, Toni & Guy, Brisbane.


Bobby pins needed for this hair style
Weila Shieh, Togninis Hair Skin Body, Brisbane.

Salon Team of the Year

Dark skins suit cool brown hair clour

Cataldo's, Canberra.


bob with fringe on thick hair

Noddy's on King, Sydney.


copper red hair colour

Lee Preston Hairdressing, Perth.


goldens blonde hair tones Valonz, Sydney.

hair education

hair expo 2003

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