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The Hair Expo 2002 Australian Hairdressing Awards Finalists are by category, the winners highlighted in bold:

Hairdresser of the Year

Oscar Cullinan from Oscar Oscar Concept Salons in Brisbane.

Shane Henning from Noddy's On King, Newtown, Sydney.

Mick Luppino from Luppino's Hairdressing Fairfield, Sydney.

Adam Nobel from Next Hair, Canberra.

Flicked fringe or bangs
Heavy long fring or bangs
Broad bangs on bleached blonde hair Long blonde layered hair style


New Zealand Hairdresser of the Year

Derek Elvy from Buoy Hairdressing, Wellington.

Iain Smith form Servilles, Mission Bay.

Cathy Davys form Cathy Davys Hair Design, Wellington.

Sharlene Sutherland from Deja vu Hair Studio, Dunedin.

Hair extensions were used here Plaited and briaded hair
alternative hair incorporating feathers and plaits
Asian inspired bob hair style


Hairdressing Technican of the Year

Angela Pastore from Colour Cosmetica, Adelaide.

Shannon Treloar from Next Hair , Canberra.

Jodi Fisher from Noddy's On King, Sydney.

Nancy Rao from Luppino's Hairdressing Fairfield, Sydney.

Highlighted hair
Textured short layered hair cut
Ifs fun to have copper colored hair
Classic brunette bob hair cut


New Creative Force

Shannon Treloar from Next Hair , Canberra.

Janelle Chaplin from Shi Hairdressing, ACT.

Dimitri Papas from Stellios Papas Salon's, Brisbane.

Minh Nguyen from Tognini's Hair Skin Body, Brisbane.

Hair colour can even be printed onto the hair
Soft blonde midlength layered hair style
blonde bob hair cut
Asymetric fringe with a solid all over dark colour to exagerate the hair cut shape


Apprentice of the Year

Ali Holmes form Wild Life Hairdressing, Sydney.

Gabrielle Tobias from Noddy's On King, Sydney.

Luke Reynolds from Togninis Hair Skin Body, Brisbane.

Chris Tsiknaris from Tsiknaris Hair, Brisbane.

Long blonde hair with heavey fringe
asymetric curved bangs on a bob hair style
Long and straight hair the ends of the hair are curled to create this shape of hair style


Salon Team of the Year

Hair Machine, Adelaide.

Toni & Guy, Australia.

Wild Life, Sydney.

Noddy's on King, Sydney.

fine hair with asymetric fringe 1980's inspired hair cut
Shattered layered hair style
Peek a boob eyes brought out by this hair cut


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