short sleek bob hair cut

Image above from Oscar Cullinan Hair Expo Hairdresser of the Year 2001

blonde bob hairstyle with heavy rounded fringe

Image above from Shane Henning, Noddy's On King, Sydney.

short layered hair style for texture

Image above from Adam Nobel, Next Hair, Canberra.



All the News from Hair Expo 2001!

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Hair Expo 2001 we have the news on all things hair and hairdressing, we have the hair styles, the hair colours and the perming and straightening tips of 2001 for you to review. also plenty on the hot new trend of Hair Expo 2001 hair extensions.

The Looks:

Cuts were generally shorter and either heavily layered to the point of being almost disconnected (not blended) or the hairdressers were showing off the most beautiful of classic bobs. The images to the left from some of the winners show this classic shape in its latest interpretation.

The Hot New Trends:

The use of extensions to add colour to almost any hair cut was very evident at Hair Expo 2001. This trend is not for the shy, it is funky almost punky, with ribbons of the brightest colours inserted underneath the surface of your own hair so that they peak out from below.

This is not just fun it has some very particle reasoning behind it too. If you wanted to die your own hair these shades, not only could it be very damaging but would also tend to fade quite quickly, which are both non-issues with extensions.

But if you were after a fun colour for your own hair there were plenty to choose from too. Almost all the top hairdressing product manufactuers have been developing some very bright new shades. So look out next session as hair is going to be awash in colour in more ways than one!

If you want to know more on extension just click.

The Winners:

If you want to find out who are the best of the best in Australian and New Zealand hairdressing then look no further.

To the hairdressers who's creativity and skills with the the scissors, tint brush and hairdryer have made them worthy of the coverted Hair Expo 2001 awards: well done!.

We feel that just getting to the finals in an event such as this makes you the best of the best so we have listed all finalists in each catagory with the winners listed first.

Hairdresser of the Year

Oscar Cullinan from Oscar Oscar Concept Salons in Brisbane.

Shane Henning from Noddy's On King, Newtown, Sydney.

Mick Luppino from Luppino's Hairdressing Fairfield, Sydney.

Adam Nobel from Next Hair, Canberra.

New Zealand Hairdresser of the Year

Derek Elvy from Buoy Hairdressing, Wellington.

Miharu Iwai form Toni & Guy, Auckland.

Tyson Kennedy form Jarvis, Auckland.

Gregory Murrell from Ryder, Auckland.

Hairdressing Technican of the Year

Stephanie Limbrick from Wink, Sydney.

Caterina Di Biase from Heading Out Hair & Beauty, Melbourne.

Belinda Jeffrey from Synergy Hair, Sydney.

Keith Hennel from Noddy's On King, Sydney.

New Creative Force

Maria Kovacs-Ricoy from Toni & Guy, Sydney.

Lores Gigilo from Dare & Dare, Adelaide.

Yasmine Hartland form Lee Preston, Perth.

Michelle Nischler from Nischler & Nischler, Hobart.

Apprentice of the Year

Ali Holmes form Wild Life Hairdressing, Sydney.

Ainslie Elphick from Valonz, Sydney.

Luke Reynolds from Togninis Hair Skin Body, Brisbane.

Cassandra Snape from Noddy's on King, Sydney.

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Long copper red hair set in waves

Image above from Caterina Di Biase, Heading Out Hair & Beauty

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