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Why Advertise with The future of one to one marketing!

The Challenge

To gain access to a self-qualified and captured consumer audience by utilising a synergy of unique online and offline strategies.

Imagine . . . A new contextual advertising, positioning & branding medium which compliments your existing promotional mix.

VirtualHairCare is...

  • a stylish, visually alluring, high end, specialist online magazine with great consumer appeal and a broad demographic dedicated to promoting hair care & and specialist hair care products.
  • is a fantastic communication vehicle on the cutting edge of technology directed at a younger trendier market yet attracting a broad demographic of information seekers across the board.

Our Results Speak for themselves. .

  • is always in the top 15 out of all Health & Beauty sites in Australia.
  • We have a huge readership of your consumers with a direct interest in hair care who visit us daily.

"One to one marketing, over the internet, combined with well-aimed direct advertising offline is the way of the future as are integrated communication strategies using a wide range of marketing channels including cross- promotions involving one or more brands"

(Business Review Weekly February 16th 2001)

The corrections in the e-commerce and tech markets have only served to emphasize the huge value of the internet as an information resource and its application as a platform for direct marketing. The informediary style of VirtualHairCare provides information directly to the visitor who wants to find out about a specific subject by taking them straight to the correct page requested. This contextual advertising is the key to how the internet differs from all other mediums.

Our visitors are generated by traditional press branding and not through internet traffic builders who often provide less than honest statistics and bridges the gap for the product company by branding your professional product not only to the hairdresser but directly to the consumer in an entirely unique way.

During our test period alone, VirtualHairCare had over 30 000 visitors between the 1st of December and the 30th of February 2001. has been developed with traditional marketing and journalism as its base. We don't buy any of the hype from the geeks, we use traditional marketing, journalism and hair care expertise to provide a universally appealing hair care magazine using the new medium of the internet. With this online hair care resource, we have the ability to:

Build your brand: unlike other media, the Internet environment demands more than passive attention. Whether a visitor views information about your company, registers for your free giveaways or uses our Personal Diagnostic tool, they are interacting with you so building a personal relationship with your brand. Harnessing that interactivity can give your company the edge.

Direct marketing: the online databases that we have built and continue to build (or those that you create yourself when a visitor is brought to you via a VirtualHairCare ad) make the internet one of the most powerful and cost effective direct marketing tools available.

We don't focus on "clicks per view" and "clicks per thousand impressions" because we believe that people don't necessarily click banner ads unless they really want to. We believe they are influenced by good old-fashioned branding alongside first class information with the possible incentive of getting something for free. The huge advantage that we have is that, unlike a print magazine, we have the unique ability to contain all the information in one instantly accessible place: The Virtual Salon on the Internet!

Provide customer service: within VirtualHairCare we provide the ultimate in customer service in the form of The Hair Doctor sponsorship or advertorial. This is a simple way to provide customer service. It is also possible to use links to your own site to provide feedback, create loyalty programs and maintain communication with your customers.

Promote sales: all avenues lead to sales and draws both your established and new customers to your product sold through bricks and mortar based businesses. To do market research, technological advances in statistic gathering software means that automatically gathers information about visitors and their interests. This can be built into detailed customer profiles to provide cost effective surveys.

Provide cross-promotional opportunities: the Internet gives you the space to integrate marketing and communication strategies that have never been possible before.

Run competitions: we all love to get free stuff or win! So whether you use our free samples page or run your own competition there is no better way to utilise all of the above. A current PPS Hairware free samples campaign has already gathered 400+ respondents over a 14 day period. Our Free samples area has the ability for your company to talk to a huge audience, launching or re-launching your products. Our systems send you the addresses and names of these respondents to allow you to reward them directly. This applies for both consumer and hairdressing professional.

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