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Image from Caterina Di Biase Heading Out Hair & Beauty for her 2007 AHFAwards Collection

Will the bob be the next big thing in hair?

For more looks check out our page dedicated to this iconic style by clicking the image below.

Image coutesy of Shane Henning, NOK, Newtown, Sydney.

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What's On: All the latest News

This "What's On" page points you in the direction of all that's new and happening around VirtualHairCare. Here you will find everything you need to know about hair care and how to make the right decisions the next time you visit the salon or purchase a haircare product.

October 2009

Hair colour is all rich and dramatic, think strong bold blonde and perfect reds. If browns are more your thing the darker the better.

September 2009

Don't get a bob! Get layers, go long or mix the two with a disconnected hair cut where long meets short with nothing in between but don't get a bob!

August 2009

Learn how to make waves and you will be oh so fashionable. Yes, long waves are the hair look this month. Try using your straightening iron to create loose waves by inserting it into sections of hair in alternating directions.

July 2009

Too many hair products? Get simple and reduce the clutter in your bathroom. Decide what you really use and ditch the rest. Did you know:

  • most products only have a 12 month shelf life.
  • too much product is a sure fire way to destroy any hairstyle.
  • your hair needs a new range of products to suit the season - add moisture in summer or protect from humidity or heat damage in winter.

June 2009

Hair seems to have a very strong 80's influence, but the styles have managed to retain a little more glamour than than the original decade of the shoulder pad and two-tone hair colour with a slightly 40's feel to the 2009 versions. The two-tone colour's are more subtle so that your hair shimmers rather than clashes but the crinkle almost frizz like curls and waves leave you in no doubt of the 80's influence.

Later this month we will have a full look at the 2009 Hair Expo Awards with images and interviews to see if the hairdressers of the moment think of our predictions are a hit or miss.

May 2009

As we look forward to all the latest predictions in hair and fashion from the catwalks and hairdressing awards season we have the winners of the AHF Awards and the finalists from this years Hair Expo Awards. If the catwalks are anything to go by we will be looking at longer, sleeker and smoother hair as we move through 2009.

April 2009

VS Sassoon launch their much anticipated new web site with its much anticipated styling wizard. The Hair Styling Wizard will enable all of us to work out what styling tools we really need to create the hairstyles we want, along with plenty of great how-to videos full of tips and tricks on achieving those styles at home and more.

This is also the month of our local AHF Awards with a Sydney Opera House Gala Awards night on April 20th it promises to be great fun with plenty of hair fashion inspiration.

March 2009

Big hair is on every cat walk from New York to Milan and seems set to be the next look for us all in the coming season. However their were some looks for those with a liking for something more natural with the swept straight back off the face look getting an outing at many of the shows. To do this at home simply use your hairdryer directing the airflow off your face then smooth the tiniest amount of a wet wax around the hairline only leaving the ends to flow freely and without product.

February 2009

Its all about giving your hair that 1960's feeling, or so the hairdressers to our runway models seem to think. The latest catwalk themes are big and sensual moving away from the bohemian looks that plaited and scrunched there way through the end of 2008. Try a little back combing at the crown for height and pull out your hot or velcro rollers for more structure volume and you will be right on trend!

January 2009

Welcome the New Year with plenty of new and innovative updates from VirtualHairCare. Watch this space as we update and re launch our now 10 year old pure play hair care concept site.

If you have not already checked out the 2009 AHF Award finalists then you should as we have now added all the winning hair styles and hair ideas from all the best Australian hairdressers.




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