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The Virtual Salon Concept

The VirtualHairCare team have put together an online magazine and 'information centre' that tells you practically everything you ever needed or will ever need to know about your hair, all in one, easy to access resource.

Our assumption has been that people want easy access to information and we realised that to print a magazine, repeating the classics time and time again is impractical whilst wading through a hairdressing text book to find out how to do something is both plain boring and time consuming. It also prevents piles of magazines building up in the corner just in case you ever want to refer to them.

Trends in hair, like in fashion, change almost daily and a print magazine can never hope to keep up. We however can go out and find the latest thing and come back and type it up for you in real time, right when we are as excited as we hope you will be. So it seemed to us that the internet was the ideal place to host "The Virtual Salon".

After that we thought: why do people spend so long in the supermarket or chemist staring at hair care products trying to work out what to buy? It's because you can't make an informed choice without the right information. So we've built for you the "Personal Hair Diagnosis" and "Products" sections to make it easier to make the right decision.

Finally, the fun bit for us. We thought about how we just 'know' where to go to get your hair done right. The answer is that you were probably recommended by a friend so we are building for you a gift voucher area where you can purchase services for you or a friend from a tested or recommended salon. So if you know of any good salons let us know.

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