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Our History

We came about as a result of realising that much of the web provides little or nothing in the way of actual or 'real' value to the visitor, especially in the area of hair care. The outcome is this is a practical and easy to use virtual "hair care encyclopaedia" that we hope is of great use to the casual visitor or the hair care professional alike.

Starting out with a tiny team consisting of one professional hairdresser and a journalist, we soon joined with the International Association of Trichologists to ensure all information provided is not only as up to date and current as possible but technically correct. Contributions from some of the top companies in the hair care business as well as the best and most current members of the hairdressing profession further enriched the content.

We have included hundreds of pieces of information on general hair care and related topics as well as sections on how to ask your professional hairdresser the right questions to get what you want. We will also be providing the ability to purchase that special and unique gift for your loved one in the form of vouchers for hairdressing services or product gift packs (or a combination of the two).

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