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Business Opportunities and Partnering has been designed around the realisation that sophisticated visitors to any website want "real value" and a genuine experience and will not return if this is not provided. 'Content rich' information is the key to this concept and and the Virtual Salon (TM) have been designed to be be utilised in anywhere, as its "core" of rich content does not change.

We are always looking for franchise partners to join us to run local operations in their own country. For example, the 'back end' of can be run separately from any location (with local advertising and goods and services for sale managed by you). Subject to conditions, it is also possible to purchase the The Virtual Salon section independently as a complete information resource for use in your own large hair care site. It is also possible to purchase a link to our site to enrich your customers experience.

We are always looking for companies and organisation's with mutual interests to discuss links or space on our site. Our visitors come here for quality information and your products and services can be integrated into this 'good experience'.

If you are an individual or company who would like to invest in your future by becoming a part of the VirtualHairCare group, please get in touch through

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