The Tips of the Month Archive

March 2006

It's Oscars time again and all eyes are on the styles that have been created for the event. Lots of curl about this year with longer hair being worn in soft and natural waves tied into a low ponytail or bun. Nicole Kidman an exception wearing her naturally curly hair poker straight, so don't throw your ceramic irons away just yet.

Cuts are going shorter and sleek with lashings of healthy shine, well that's what the stylists in the know are predicting for this coming season. Anti frizz and conditioning treatments will be your best friends and getting to grips with your blow drying and hot ironing techniques and products is a must.

If you are thinking of going for a shorter look then maybe take some of our expert advice on the best ways to do this:

February 2006

Check out our updated information on hair extensions this is the kind of information you need to arm yourself with before spending your hard earned cash and to prevent any surprises!

Styling trends to be on the look out for are the lowly pony and pig tails! Whether sleeked back from a centre parting and then chignoned to work with stronger tailored clothes or loose and lived in to complement less structured feminine looks.

January 2006

With the summer heat and humidity affecting all of us living or holidaying in the southern hemisphere its a good time to remind you about looking after your hair in the sun and dealing with humidity. As for styling the biggest tip I can give you is to go with what your hair does naturally. When the weather conditions are extreme to try and fight your natural kicks and curls is time consuming and on the whole futile. If you're at the beach remember that salt is a fantastic styling aid to help define and create a little texture. Links that may help include:

Info for swimmers and sunbathers

How to get rid of frizz

Dealing with dry and damaged hair

What to do about split ends

Curly looks

Creating textured looks

Braiding- always useful for at the beach

December 2005

The latest list of finalists for the 2006 AHFA are in and some of the looks are just stunning. So if you are after inspiration for a new style or even just a simple up do for one of the many Christmas party's then this is the link for you.

Image courtesy of the 2006 AHFA and Mick Luppino, Luppino's Hair, Skin, Body

November 2005

As the publishers of one of the webs richest infomediaries (this great site) we saw a gap for more information rich sites, so we have developed Although a work in progress we already have some great info for you to help with all your beauty and wellness issues in one place. Our goals are the same as with VirtualHairCare to provide you with enough information so that you can make informed buying decisions and feel confident in your choice, so check it out.

Oscar Cullinan is due to open his flagship Oscar Oscar Synergy salon at 320 Oxford St Paddington on the 15 th of November. This will join the Oscar Oscar Salons, that span over five locations in Brisbane, Gold Coast and Sydney, and the Azabu luxury resort in Byron Bay. Hope I get an invite to check it out for you all!

The Sylvania Heights Australia based Hairdresser Jamie Carroll was named winner of the2005 Australia Post NSW/ACT Small Business Award in Customer Service. These awards are judged across all types of business making this a real achievement, so you might want to make the trip and check them out if your hairdressing experiences of late have been less service than you would like.

Also in the news was the story that the Mohawk, as sported by David Beckham, has won the title of 'Worst Haircut Of All Time' as reported by the UK's Daily Telegraph. We draw this to your attention just in case you or your man are sporting this look, as we would hate any of our readers to be making a fool of themselves! Of course, if you like this look, the Mohawk may have got so many votes based on it being one of the few haircuts most people can name.

October 2005

Oscar Cullinan of Oscar Oscar and Synergy Salons fame, as well as being the AHFA Hairdresser of the Year sent us this latest image to show off some of the looks we can expect to be wearing this coming season. For more predictions from Oscar use the image as a link.

September 2005

'Stretch and burn crashes' well that's what Sharon Blain of Sydney's Art of Hair salon thinks. Stretch being the straightening of your hair and burn being the numerous heated appliances that you need to burn it into shape. Sharon and her team, that study the international trends, have it on good authority that curl, texture and movement are where we are heading for the foreseeable future.

They also have some strong ideas about blonde not being the shade for this summer, 'red is set to put blonde in the shade, with a variety of warm gold, auburn, copper and apricot tones' tipped to dominate.

What I really loved about the latest release of predictions from these guys are their great mens looks, which we find hard to get for you.

Pic The Art of Hair Artistic Team

August 2005

We asked Belinda Jeffreys, who represents Clairols Nice 'n Easy and is one of Australia’s leading colourist, for her colour predictions for the upcoming months. “Right now haircolour is all about warmth”, explained Belinda. “Cooler ash tones don’t work as well against paler skin, so look for shades with a rich gold base”.

It seems the upcoming season is all about brunettes. “I’m seeing a lot less blondes…”, Belinda commented. ‘It’s definitely the brunettes who are leading the way. And the direction is coming from Hollywood – look at Reese Witherspoon, Drew Barrymore, Charlize Theron and Brittany Murphy  - they were all confirmed blondes who’ve now switched to beautiful rich, brunette shades”.

For more from Belinda and info on the Golden Romance collection from Clairol Nice’n Easy check out What's New in Hair Colour.

July 2005

Hair Expo gave me lots of inspiration and plenty of new hair ideas, accessories and general tips to bring all you avid VirtualHairCare readers. By far the biggest inspiration was the newly crowned Hair Expo Hairdresser of the Year Brad Ngata of Brad Ngata Hair Direction in Sydney. I interviewed him on all the latest trends and his predictions so check out the link for some inspiration of your own.

June 2005

This is the month of Hair Expo at Sydney's Darling Harbour the biggest event on the hair calendar. Whether your a hair professional or interested in keeping up with all of the latest trends this is the place to be on the Queens Birthday long weekend (that's June 11/12/13th). If you are into picking up some bargain products, samples and accessories this is also the place to do it as many items will be a trade prices.

As we know many of you would also be interested in getting a free makeover we thought we would offer you the chance to become a Hair Expo model. As you can imagine many will be needed so simply e-mail and mark the subject EXPO MODEL. We will mail you back a form to fill in and should warn you that you need to open minded and prepared to strut your stuff. These forms will be passed onto the organisers and you never know you may be getting a call!

May 2005

We suggested last month that you get some layers and enhance your natural waves and curls the next move is to get some lift and volume and those layers should make it all the easier. For those of you that think big hair is something that should only populate the American 80's soap opera then you are oh so wrong. The hair products companies on mass have been updating their ranges with root lift sprays, volume pumping mousse and good old super strong spray (now ozone friendly of course).

So no need for a new cut just pump up the one you've got!

April 2005

With the change of season everyone is thinking about change and your hair is no exception. The looks for autumn/winter are all about layers and lots of them. Layers give your hair freedom to move and encourage any curl or wave you may have, it's this texture that you want. You may hear the term 'disconnected' layers on your next trip to the salon, don't worry they are simply talking about short areas sitting right next to longer areas and it really is the look.

If colour is your thing when you contemplate change then think chocolate richness with a drizzling of honey and amber. I just want to eat it!

March 2005

This month we cover the Australian Hair Fashion Awards sponsored by Schwarzkopf and held every year at the Sydney Town Hall. As usual, an unflawed presentation with some excellent acts that didn't drag on all night selected the winners who are really the trendsetters when it comes to the latest looks.

We weren't surprised that AHFA Australian Hairdresser of the Year was awared to Oscar Cullinan for some truely superior work. He has been a busy man this year, having taken on ownership of legendary Darlinghurst salon, Synergy Hair, adding to the successful Oscar Oscar quiver of salons in Queensland.

If you want a full list of winners, click on this link for a closer look!

February 2005

Mahogany Hair one of the UK's foremost salons has brought its brand of hairdressing know how to Sydney with the opening of its first international salon. Imports include not only the owner and style director Hamish Glianos (a returning Aussie actually) but head colourist Derren and their unique version of a style to suit your individual needs know as "signature styling". The one thing they did not bring with them are London prices so we can see many of you checking out this new salon. Stand by for a profile on Mahogany, coming soon.

January 2005

Everyone but everyone is getting into the textured, messed up curl look and if you haven’t yet then now is the time as there are an array of new and fun products just out to help.

Beach hair is the real hit with many of the salon-only ranges launching whole summer style and care ranges. PPS have Sea Salt Mist (a spray) and Beach Styler (a texturising gum) as well as a deep cleansing shampoo, rich moisturizer for all the necessary aftercare that is needed after spending time in the sun in their Life’s a Beach product.

The brand better known for its ceramic straighteners, GHD, have put together a summer range also including styling and nourishing options with great names like Sun Survivor and Sun Worshipper. Wella and Matrix feel that the wet look is another styling option for those with shorter hair and Kevin Murphy the original beach hair style company, has moved forward with the Hair Screen, Simply Sun Screen and Light styling and Hold in one.

Before investing in any of the new beach stylers and sun care products my best suggestion is to check with your hairdresser that it is suitable for you and to ask for a demo on how to use it as nothing works if you don’t have the know-how!

Here are more tips from earlier months, that are useful no matter if you live in either the Northern or Southern hemisphere.

December 2004

Firstly we would like to announce our new section the "Virtualhaircare Collections Series" where we showcase some of the best complete collections of the quarter. This month we feature Anthony Nader, Phillip Gallo and Gritti Palace. Click this link to see the whole lot.

November 2004

Think sexy, flirty, soft and loose, tousled and wavy and you start to get the picture or at least the feel of hair for this season. That's not to say that curly and afro don't get a look in, as they do, anything as long as your hair is not smooth flat and stick straight!

Colours are light and reflective with blondes of Nordic proportions forming the bulk of all the colour that we will want to be wearing.

So feeling inspired for change or just a little updating your in the right spot so check out some of our tips and images before you make any decisions.

October 2004

As we move into the season of formals and events we encourage you to get practicing, as getting a sexy up-do or tousled look is not that easy for most of us. So check out our special section, including helpful diagrams, on hair-up. If you are not a do-it-yourself type then a visit to your hairdresser will be needed at some point and ensuring you get what you want is also something we can help you with.

September 2004

As fashion gets a touch of 50's glamour so will hair to complement it.

The 50's are all about femininity with tailored jackets and little 'cardi's, everything working to enhance the curvaceous waistline. Hair is also glamorous with low side partings allowing hair to be swept over to the side in waves. Curl is soft and sleek and straight looks have volume. Hair colour means a pastel hue of all varieties, that's the champagne or pink blondes, apricots, the muted soft browns and dusty reds.

To get these looks with your hair VirtualHairCare has 3 valuable tips:

  1. Use non/semi/demi-permanent hair colour or toners, if going light try not to go too much lighter than your natural colour. This is because your hair gets more orange or gold the more you try to lighten it, making it really difficult to achieve soft pastel shades.

  2. If your hair tends to frizz then try using an oil or serum combed through your wet hair before styling.

  3. Invest in a good pair of ceramic straightening irons to help with all your styling needs even curling your hair!

August 2004

We have interviews with Jayne Wild on the latest in haircuts and Dieter Mersmann on colouring your hair. So if you are in need of some tips or a change from the recent winners of Hair Expo Hairdresser and Colourist of the Year respectively we have it on VirtualHairCare, check them out.

If you feel that high fashion is not what you are after then you may want to see what a haircut and colour can do for 'real' people then look no further than our make-over page thanks to the guys at Maurice Mead.

Finally, if all you want to do is to get what you really want from your hairdresser then check out what Oscar Cullan has to say on the subject.

July 2004

After taking in all the sights and sounds of Hair Expo 2004 the VirtualHairCare team came away full of new ideas and all the latest products to test on your behalf. So over the next few months look out for our updates.

As for an overview of what to expect in the next 12 months the look is curl and wave rather than stick straight, but don't throw away your flat irons yet as they make a great tool to create all sorts or curls with a little know how. On the colour side highlights are out and solid colour with the odd flash of interest in the form of a panel of something lighter or darker is the go.

June 2004

To keep your hair current this month get a fringe (bangs for our US readers). Long heavy fringes sweeping the top of the eye will give your hairstyle the edge. Fringes of this type are not for everyone though as some face shapes won't suit it as you can make your face look too small. To see if it is a look for you check out our pages on cuts to suit your face.

If changing your haircut is not your thing but you are looking for a change why not consider a colour change? To make sure you know what you are letting yourself in for see our colour section.

The biggest hairdressing event in the Southern Hemisphere takes place in Sydney on the 12th, 13th and 14th of June at Hair Expo, Darling Harbour. So if you are looking for some inspired new looks from your hairdresser it is always a good time to visit them after they have had their 'inspiration injection'. See the shots that made the finals here and check out who won!

Congratulations to Jayne Wild and Dieter Mersmann of Wild Life Hairdressing in Milsons Point Sydney on winning the coverted titles of Hair Expo Hairdresser of the Year 2004 and Colour Technician of the Year respectively.

May 2004

It's all about glamour and whilst gorgeous dresses head down the runway at MAFW we also predict that we will be seeing some very glamorous hair. You really can't show off a beautiful dress without having the hair to match. So start growing your locks and work on your your-up styling techniques this month to keep ahead of the trends.

June is the month for all things new on the hair front with new product releases and all the latest looks out in force at Australia's major hair event, Hair Expo. So whether you're a hairdresser or not, head for the Sydney Harbour Convention Centre on either the 12th, 13th or 14th of June.

Some links that may help you this month:

Hair-up styles

Growing your hair

April 2004

Last month saw the official opening of the new flagship Raw Salon in Sydney. It was a big month on the whole for the guys, with salon owner Anthony Nader also picking up the title of 2004 NSW Hairdresser of the Year at the Australian Hair Fashion Awards. If you're looking for the most happening salon in Sydney right now, Raw could be the place to head for.

Anthony Nader with one of his high profile clients, Sophie Monk


If keeping up with the latest hair trends and salons is why you visit VirtualHairCare then this months tip is about '60's' styling with a twist. Think back to the classic Vidal Sassoon looks of heavy fringes that sit right on top of your eye and blunt lines, the twist being that the 2004 variety also have lots of internal choppy layers.

Here is a good example from :

<img src="" width="350" height="495" alt="Hair by Ella Reed for Hair Do We Do and Goldwell. Winner Elumen-ation Award. Coloured using Goldwell Powder Lightener and Goldwell Elumen. Style achieved by Blow-drying with Goldwell Definition Texturizer, finishing with  Definition Mello Goo to create added Texture.">

Hair by Ella Reed of Hair Do We Do for Goldwell. Mouse over to find out how it was done.

March 2004

This is the month of the product launch or it feels like that around our office! Check out the new Sexy Hair range featured in this months competition and the new Volume Extreme from L'Oreal Professional which really hits the mark with fine hair featuring as a problem for many of you. Advances in colour products are moving us away from solid heavy looking colours and what can sometimes look wig-like has been transformed to more translucent colours that allow natural differences or highlights to shine through without having to go to the expence of having them. Ask your hairdresser when you next visit a salon. The 1st of the month saw the AHF Awards winners announced. So for those of you who want to see what new or those in the hairdressing industry who want to be the first to know who won the coveted titles, we have all the winners and finalists here for you.

Congratulations to Lee Cohen of Reds Salon Cairns: AHF Australian Hairdresser of the year!

Courtesy of Lee Cohen and AHJ

February 2004

Afro style frizz is the look of the moment according to what has been evident on the runways of the world this season. Although if you look at the shapes and styles that have graced this years Golden Globe awards you may be forgiven in thinking that this was true. What was evident was the almost total lack of straight locks, the beautiful Charlize Theron summed up the look for me with her hair groomed into waves 40's style.

For some examples of this and many more hair predictions for the coming year check out our new page on the finalists of the 2004 AHF Awards. These hairdressing awards are judged on editorial images that combine hair and fashion to form a complete look and are a great guide to finding yourself a hairdresser with their finger really on the pulse.

January 2004

It's all about fringes so if you want the look get a fringe! That's the advice of Alex Treloar session stylist and makeup artist.

For the girls we are talking the large round rolled fringe like that in the image to the left from Hair Machine. You can create this look by backcombing your hair to give height and then rolling your fringe around a large round brush whilst blowdrying or setting it over a large round velcro roller.

And guys needn't miss out on this latest trend with your version of fringe styling being the 'quiff'. Wear it messy with the sides of your hair pulled slightly forwards for the true effect. If the quiff is not for you, try a heavy fringe similar to this look below from Hair Machine in Adelaide:

For a VirtualHairCare article that may help you create these looks for yourself, check out these pages:

Creating a quiff

Rollers setting

Back combing

December 2003

With summer knocking on the door, the blonde look is in, click on this link to see our article this month on going blonde!

Courtesy of Cataldo's, Canberra ACT


November 2003

Look out for 60's style bobs is the VirtualHairCare tip. Strong bold asymmetric fringes with concave backs very Vidal Sassoon at his best, with strong bold colours to match. The bob has become a classic hairstyle, it also has the advantage, in all of its many and varied forms to suit nearly all of us. So don't be affraid to give this trend a try and remember being mid way between long and short you are leaving your options open for your next style change!

This month check out our What's New pages on hair and colour with predictions from some of the hotest stylists around inclunding Emilio Cataldo, Mick Luppino and Shane Henning.

October 2003

Virtualhaircare turns 3 years old this month! Thanks very much to our loyal readers for all your support, it has made a leading global hair care title and will continue to provide the best info and promotions so that you can always look your best! Here's a couple for for the month of October:

We said it a couple of months ago but it's now here and very happening, yes curl is truly back with a vengeance. All those kinks we have been ironing out for months are now your saviour, but don't throw away your straightening irons yet as many of them are very useful to help you create some unstructured curls and natural kinks (with a few tips from us).

The look is very natural large loose curls, sort of half way between 'just got out of bed' and Sarah Jessica Parker. Keep all of your length but get lots of layers to encourage natural curl and dry it using a diffuser and curling balm or mousse. If your curl is too strong (i.e. closer to SJP) get this look by using a hair straightening balm like Paul Brown Stay Straight. Comb your hair straight and then leave it to dry naturally. Your curl will eventually return but will be far less bouncy and have a loose, more unstructured feel.

All this adds up to great news for everyone because if you are heading into summer right now this look is far more "beach friendly" than stick straight hair.

If you are heading into winter then curl is a very sexy look for the party season and draws attention away from things like "you would like a new colour for every party but you can't get your roots done that often"!

September 2003

September feels like a month for all things new. As editor of VirtualHairCare I get to go to all the product launches and recently I have been to a fair few. Look out for GHD ceramic flat irons, available only from salons. At around $AU300 they are not cheap but worth every cent! The proof is in my new super straight shiny hair! The real test will be over the long term and whether with with regular use (not normally recommended with flat irons) my hair stays in good condition.

Looks like a common or garden flat iron but doesn't perfom like one!

It's not often that an entirely new range of products gets launched but this month the bright orange bottles of Play will appear on hairdressers shelves. With playful names like, well, Playfull, for root lift, this range really is fun and funky.

If anyone who reads this column has anything new, do let me know as I love to try it all out and I know all our readers love to know what's hot.

August 2003

It seems to me that no sooner have you opted for the latest look than that look is already over! Well straight hair is not over yet but maybe we should start to prepare ourselves for the next trend. You guessed it curls are coming back! Music to my ears as a curly top myself.

For more on what's happening as far as hair fashion is concerned, who better to ask that Mick Luppino the current AHFA Hairdresser of the Year. Check out his article in What's New in Hair.

Never let us be accused of not being through and doing our research. You may have noticed our look at the new range of hairdryers, irons and other electrical items from Sunbeam. Well it's not just a simple review of the range as we thought we would ask some of the best hairdressers to put the equipment through its paces. See their comments coming up soon in our new Professional Reviews page.

July 2003

I imagine that almost all of our visitors look us up because they are suffering from or want to avoid bad hair days. In the big scheme of things you can be forgiven for thinking that if bad hair is all a person has to worry about then their life can't be all that bad! However, when you look at the effects a so called 'bad hair day' can have then you can see why hair is so important.

Those smart guys over at Yale have even studied the effects which include low self-esteem, increasing self doubt, intensified social insecurities and a tendency to self criticism, basically finding faults with ourselves that go way beyond simple appearance. Even worrying about the possibility of a bad hair day can lead to low self-esteem!

Proctor and Gamble found that men are just as likely to have a bad hair day as women, a point that may come as a surprise to most women! They also discovered that the effect on each of us can vary greatly with feelings of increased self consciousness, irritability and depression being the main ones.

With job interviews, Weddings and all manner of important occasions known to bring on acute cases of bad hair it really does pay to avoid them. So check out our bad hair day page and the useful links.

We have had so many questions about permanent hair straightening. Look out this month for some great information on Paul Brown Hawaii's revolutionary thermal hair straightening system, Hair At Rest Plus

Before and after images (above and below) are provided courtesy of Paul Brown Hawaii


June 2003

Hair Expo 2003

June is the big month in the hairdressers calendar in Australia, as the annual Hair Expo takes place over the Queens Birthday long weekend. We will be bringing you all the news on what's new and hot from not only Australia but around the world. Look out for our features if you can't get down to Sydney!

As for what's hot right now, in more ways than one, the topic of 'ionics" is definitely it. This new method of drying hair whilst increasing moisture content, so building condition, is really changing long-held beliefs on what is good or bad for the hair. Our special feature on Ionisation Technology helps to put you in the picture and enable you to make the right buying choices.

May 2003

The look of the moment is heavily layered with a fringe (or bangs) and the more texture the better. The length is around the shoulders, but not passed them. Although the bob is still a popular style it has to be a layered version to give it a current edge. So if your looking for a change of hair style we hope our tips come in useful.

May is a time for change in fashion directions generally with MAFW between the 4th and 8th, along with next seasons clothes, some of Australia's best hairdressers will be coming up with looks to complement them. All takes place down at Sydney's famous Circular Quay this year with a new section titled The Source @ MAFW especially to show case up and coming designers we can expect to see some interesting trends.

We also have the newly announced finalists for the Hair Expo awards. The winners will be announced in June but to have become a finalist you really have your finger on the pulse. So if you want to know whose hot check out the finalists and maybe choose a hairdresser for your new layered (with fringe) hair cut! Use the link above.

Image from Shane Henning @ NOK Sydney.


April 2003

As we change the clocks and turn the seasons so should we think about our ever changing hair. Each season brings with it different needs for hair, how to look good on the beach and dealing with those dry end problems in summer followed by static and dry scalps in winter. A few simple steps before we get problems that we know about can make all the difference to a season of bad hair days. It's a bit like no matter how many times you change those clocks you are never quite certain as to whether its forwards or back an hour! So for those of us about to head into winter check out our Winter Hair Special. And for those visitors about to head the other way, check out our Summer Hair Tips.

As promised we have our new feature on the Japanese method of permanent hair straightening. Great information for those of us with unwanted kinks and curls and hairdressers looking for the low-down on new developments.

March 2003

You have been asking us all about the new straightening products from Japan. Well never let it be said that we don't go out there and find out all the facts so that we can bring you the best advice. These really are different and leave the hair in great, if not better, condition! As a hairdresser that has always shied away from straightening on the grounds that for many clients the condition it left the hair in was too poor to warrant it, I have been converted! I have a new religion! So look out in April for a feature spread on this very new and exciting option for any one with a kink to a curl.

As for March check out the latest looks from the winners of the Australian Hair Fashion Awards. I hope you get inspired and can find something for your new look.

Winner Mick Luppino of Luppino's, Fairfield, Sydney, Australia.


With all the new year resolutions and other good intentions probably broken by now, I don't suppose many of you are thinking about doing good things for your hair, but maybe you should. Whether the holiday season means lots of sun or lots of blow-drying and generally teasing your hair to within an inch of its life, now's the time to think about a treatment or two! Check out this little lot for tips, help and know how:

Shampooing, conditioning and treating.

Frizz, how not to.

Are you dry and damaged?

Post holiday hair.

Information for swimmers.

A final thought for all of us image conscious fashionistas and the rest of us who often find we are a little too negative in our judgment of self. I bring this up, due to the number of questions I am constantly asked along the lines of 'how can I look like this model/actor'. In this world of technical wizardry the camera always lies, well not exactly the camera but the image altering software by which the original photograph is 'enhanced'. Has anyone else noticed that stars don't age any more or that those snaps of stars at their local supermarket look so different from our image of them on the cover of say 'Vogue', that you would think even their mother would not recognise them! It's all due to image enhancement or put another way, completely altering a photo to portray that person as being so perfect that you can only feel inferior.

So next time you ask your hairdresser to turn you into 'Townsvilles' answer to Meg Ryan, remember to retain a little bit of reality about it and to remember non of us look that good really!

Tip of the Month: December 2002

The party season brings with it the need to look fabulous and possibly even try something new. A new cut or colour is guaranteed to get you in the mood for all the events that the season brings, but not if it's a disaster. So to help ensure you get what you want have a quick read through some or all of these pages:

Consultations are free!

Making sure your hairdresser understands you.

Help! It's not what I wanted!

Finding the cut to suit you.

What colouring method do I ask for?

Choosing a colour that suits you.

Wishing you all the joys of the holiday season from the VirtualHairCare team.

Tip of the Month: November 2002

Whether your in the Southern or Northern hemisphere the change of season brings with it 'frizz'. This most common of hair problems can leave even the best haircut looking drab and ordinary.

Check out these pages to make sure you don't fall victim to the dreaded frizz:

Dealing with frizz

Dry and damaged hair

Get more shine

Tip of the Month: October 2002

A retro 50's influence is to have an effect on our wardrobe and these trends are going to carry through to how we do our hair.

If you think smooth, sleek and above all, neat, then you're already on your way to understanding how to achieve this look. We probably won't be seeing these trends on the high street until after Christmas but if you want to keep up with the 'in crowd' then get practising now with your hair.

Perfectly structured waves or "smooth styles" are not easy to create without a little know-how and practice, especially after a period of tousled 'peasant' looks and soft curls where our styling skills have been made a little redundant.

To help you brush up on these skills, next month we'll be interviewing the pro's who will be giving us tips on how do it. And we will be featuring the latest pictures of these new yet retro trends. Here's a great example below from Caterina Di Biase of Heading Out Hair & Beauty in Melbourne Australia.

Tip of the Month: September 2002

The "Curl" is offically in once more. It has to be the right type of curl though!

Large loose irregular curls are the look and if your hair does that all on it's own lucky you, but as we all know next season you will be the one having to work hard at changing your hair. For the rest of us check out these links that may help you to curl up straighter hair or smooth out very culy hair:

For getting some curl see our pages on Perming, Hot Tonging or Roller Setting your Hair

For relaxing very curly hair see Straightening your Hair

If you have anything from a wave to a bend check out Scrunching and Diffuse drying, textured messy looks and Twisting and Ringlets for how to make the most of what you have got.

Tip of the Month: August 2002

It's all about getting the right 'look' and 'the look' has never been more user friendly than the latest trend for shaded "under-colour" in your hair.

No matter what your style, this colour technique can add thickness, texture and definition to almost all hair cuts. With the move away from the short sharp gemometric shapes to the out-grown styles we have seen gracing the catwalks, this type of colour work adds a definite edge to what could otherwise look as if you just didn't get your regular cut.

For more information, see this month's "What's New in Colour" section.

Tip of the Month: July 2002

We checked out Sharon Maher, of Synergy Hair and her latest looks at this years Hair Expo. Renowned for her editorial work, this is one hairdresser who sets the benchmark for others by gracing the pages of all the top glossy magazines.

The looks that she produced really stood out, with heavy strong fringes framing the face, curving 'monk' style around from ear to ear. These strong solid fringes then contrasted with hair that was left longer and wispy, and was even permed to give it a fly away texture at the back. Combined with edgy make-up and 80's style fashions, these looks stood out on the catwalk and are going to look great on the street!

Tip of the Month: June 2002

Mercedes' Australian Fashion Week is over for another year, well for 6 months as it's just become a biannual event! We went, we saw and now we can predict what's going to happen on the hair side of things!

Hair is all about complementing your look, and that is exactly the brief the hairdressers are given when working with clothes designers on their catwalk shows. So if we are going to be wearing the latest fashions, then our hair better be looking the part too. This coming season hair, like the clothes, is getting all crafty! Twist it, plait it, corn row it or even basket weave it, if you want to get real tricky, any of these will bring you right up to the minute in the latest hair looks.

So get practising, you may need some tips from our pages on plaiting and braiding or click into our fashion week run down.

Tip of the Month: May 2002

Flavour of the Year hairdresser, Anthony Nader of Sydney's Raw Hair has an exclusive tip to share with us this month and he should know what's hot! He's just been down in Melbourne applying his skills to a bevy of top celebrities at this years Logies awards including host Wendy Harmer, Jackie O, Sigrid Thornton and the girls from Bardot.

So what does he predict for us mere mortals? "Strong, heavy fringes in long wavy hair". Don't forget you heard it here first!

And look out for Anthony and his team as they prepare to strut their stuff in the Worlds longest fashion parade, directing hair for the Bowie Wong's 'Bowie' label (also sponsored by BMW and deLorenzo. This parade will take place on the 4th of May from Bondi to Crows Nest and will give everyone the chance to see an early glimpse of what's to come at Australian Fashion Week (from 6th to the 9th of May).

Tip of the Month: April 2002

It can seem that choosing a salon or stylist for your needs is one of the hardest things to do. But, after all, a good or a bad haircut will effect the way you feel and therefore the image you portray to other people far more than any item of clothing or accessory.

So it always pays to try and identify the best. The hair industry has a number of awards for hairdressing so look out for those little statues in your local salon. During recent interviews with some of the most talented stylists out there, I was asking the question "do awards in the hair industry really mean anything?". Australian Hairdresser of the Year, Adam Noble from Next Hair in Canberra, summed it up when he said "Awards reflect a range of talents, not necessarily who is the best. What they do show is who is looking at what and what is actually going on in fashion and style".

So for those looking for a stylist to give them a new look that is up to date and suitable for your lifestyle, look out for those little awards statues and plaques on the wall and check out that they are not 10 years old. Make sure that the salon stocks the latest fashion and hair magazines (not old tatty ones) or you might end up with an out of date hairstyle! And of course, always check us out, because we carry the very latest shots.

Tip of the Month: March 2002

With the Australian Hair Fashion Awards in mid February we have had a preview of what will be gracing our heads over the coming season. Predictions from the winners include:

Adam Noble, Next Hair in the ACT, Australian Hairdresser of the Year. "Look out for longer fringes and an asymmetric look, which does not have to be as radical as it sounds" says Adam. His other tips include making your next purchase a pair of flat irons as straight hair is what we will all be wearing shortly.

Tracy Hughes, Mieka Hairdressing Victoria, Creative Colourist and Victorian Hairdresser of the Year. "Everything will have a stronger geometric feel". Tracey also supports the opinion that hair is heading towards asymmetric shapes. "Colour also will be strong and dramatic, keep away from highlights go for more colour peeping through the rest of your hair. The colours themselves will be bold like red and back and lots of violet tones, blonde will be less prevalent and used more to exaggerate other colours in your hair".

For more on the awards and the latest looks see our What's New and Members sections.

Tip of the Month: February 2002

Think 70's and Bohemian and you are on the right track for the next six months. We saw a move to 70's styling about eighteen months ago with the "Farrah Fawcett" look but this seasons looks are way more 'flower power' than the fairly conservative "flicks" of last year..

We predict that hair will have a soft, loose, sexy, feminine feel. Forget sleek and straight think unstructured curl. Check out our pages on perming and tonging for how to recreate these looks for yourself.

Plaits or braids are also going to make a comeback. Check out the latest looks from the worlds catwalks to see what we mean. The addition of a small section of your hair made into a simple plait amongst your soft curls will be the it look!

Tip of the Month: January 2002

To keep your hair current and to give yourself a change that is simple yet effect 'move your parting'! The hidden eye is back! Make your parting low and on a slight diagonal then sweep your hair across one eye for a really sexy finish to any style.

Moving your parting from its natural position to the side that it does not normally fall on can also give added height and volume to your hair.

Tip of the Month: December 2001

After a recent trip to London to check out what is happening in the World of Hair at Salon International, it seems that the under cut a la Kate Moss is still the look of the moment. So if you've not already tried it maybe it's time for a consultation with your favourite hairdresser as to whether or not it's the look for you? The punkish 80's shapes are still a dominant fashion look with the 'mullet' (long at the back short at the sides) another variation.

As for the next set of hair colours look out for all the woody, burnt, and muted tones. More in keeping with the punkish styles than these colours sound they are applied to look almost grown out, defiantly no nice highlights!

Tip of the Month: November 2001

Look after your colour! Whilst those UV rays are tanning our skins they are busy having the exact opposite effect, lightening our hair. If your hair is coloured this effect is enhanced and your 'just stepped out of the salon' look can be gone in a couple of hours at the beach.

If you want to be lighter, that's great, but make sure you keep your hair topped up with moisture and nourishment so that you don't end up dry and frizzy.

If you've paid a fortune for a beautiful copper or rich honey look, and want your hair to remain that way, then you need to think about protecting it. This can take the form of a hat, a hairspray or other finishing product with UV filters or a more specialist shampoo or conditioner with colour enhances added to suit your individual colour needs. So don't forget to ask when you are next in the salon about your best options. Also see our What's New in hair colour pages for some more tips.

Tip of the Month: October 2001

Blonde, blonde, blonde is what those in the know are saying. "But two or three different shades can be used to create shadows and bring out definition to each area of your cut" says Isabelle Edet of Ménage a Trois, Neutral Bay, Sydney. "Colours for summer will be radical".

The 80's revival is giving way to the 70's and recent fashion shows from London to Milan are heralding this change of look. In hair we are going to see a comeback of the 70's "Shake" say the guys at Maurice Meade in Perth Australia. Look out for their new collection on our What's New in hair page.

Tip of the Month: September 2001

Here in the Southern hemisphere, the first of September marks the start of Spring and that means blonde for your hair. This season think of golden corn fields and soft light strawberry copper blondes all mingled together. This means that highlights of two, three or even four colours run through your hair. If you have not tried colour before, opt for a few highlights around the face to give that sun-kissed look.

For the guys as well, blonde is it, but simply brushed onto the tips of your hair again leaving you with the look that the sun has lightened it rather than you spent time at the salon.

Tip of the Month: August 2001

It's time to start getting your hair and scalp in shape for the changing of the seasons. We have been hibernating long enough so let's start to think about regular weekly treatments to restore that lost shine and bounce. Having your hair in good shape for summer stops the sun taking such a toll, and means that when you fancy a few added highlights, they are not likely to end up dry looking as the summer goes on.

A big consequence of winter is that your scalp has become dry with the combination of hot showers and not enough time to rinse thoroughly. It seems that we are more prone to late rising and rushing out the door which, besides the dry weather is part of the problem. For some solutions on how to handle this check out our dry flaky scalps page for some tips.

Knots are the go when styling your hair, That's if you have enough hair to knot. It's all about experimenting with your hair to achieve a knotted messy style so try not to focus on each section as you twist, knot and pin it into shape but on the overall silhouette that you are creating with your efforts.

Practice makes perfect, so instead of staying in to wash your hair, stay in to tie it in knots! See our What's New in Hair page for more detail.

Tip of the Month: July 2001

Hair extensions are not new, but using them to add bright and vibrant pieces of colour to your look is the latest in hair accessories. For those of us that like a regular change this could be the answer. We are talking really bright here pink, red or blue take your pick and give it a go. With the added benefit of zero fade from washing you can get up to 3 months of funky looking hair out of a few extensions. For more information on this and hair extensions generally see:

Hair Extensions, The Long and The Short of It!

Tip of the Month: June 2001

With June being HairExpo month, there are a huge amount of predictions and new styles about. So who better to ask what will be happening in colour than the winner of last years title of Perming and Colouring Technician of the Year, Alyson Schoer of BBR, Surry Hills, Sydney. "Colours will be rich and velvety but still very wearable. Intense plums and garnet reds, with just a hint of gold added into them to take the pink edge off, are the colours of the season". We also discussed a trend for blondes to be going 'au natural' after years of homage to the saying 'always a blonde'. It seems we just don't have the time for high maintenance colour like blonde any more and a simple natural look is the big request at the moment.

Tip of the Month: May 2001

With Australian fashion week upon us we look to the Hair Directors of some of the biggest shows for our tips this month.

It is the hair directors job to design a signature hair image or concept for the hair styling that will complement the latest collection of each clothes designer. Fashion after all is all about the whole look and hair, make-up and clothes must all come together to make any collection work.

Sharon Maher of Synergy Hair in Darlinghurst is directing hair for several top designers but she is probably most well known for her work with Akira Isogawa. She even travelled with him to his Paris show this year to ensure all went well. Sharon forecasts "hair is getting shorter and for fashion week if we can't cut it we are making long hair look shorter with clever styling. The feeling is late 70's and early 80's. Undercuts and buzz cuts are back". We tried to press her for more details but it's all very hush hush until the event has happened! She did add though that we should look out for the new look she just created for Michelle Janks.

Anthony Nader of Raw Hair Sydney is directing hair for Anna Sui and although it is all quiet on the exact styling, check out these fabulous new images he sent us:

Pic from Anthony Nader Raw Hair
Pic from Anthony Nader Raw Hair Sydney
Pic from Anthony Nader Raw Hair
Pic from Anthony Nader Raw Hair

Tip of the Month: April 2001

As the seasons change so does our hair, problems like frizz are an issue for many of us at this time. Our favourite product of the month for frizz control is:

Magic this really is what it's name suggests. Use the smallest amount to prevent frizzy flyaway hair and define curl. You also get an incredibly shiny finish to your hair as well. The push down type applicator means you can get as much as you need without 'over doing it' which are the big watch words. Less is more!

OSIS Magic!

Tip of the Month: March 2001

At the Australian Hairdressing Industry Awards (held on Feb. 11th in Sydney) Anthony Nader of Raw Hair, Sydney, was credited with creating the 'Image of the Year 2001'. So who better to ask what is about to happen to our hair. "Fashion for 2001 is all 80's style blouses with ruffles, soft fabrics and knee high boots, but with hair keep it loose soft and feminine as women today have no need to be aggressive in their look to assert their position". Anthony is known for his low maintenance and sexy styles and says "it still has to suit your face, so I work with that first". On the colour side of things Anthony sees "woody browns and toffees" applied to all of your hair "in a solid fashion".

Tip of the Month: February 2001

The Deconstructed Bob, Strong Colour and Fringes (Bangs)

Rob Hastie and Tracey Colebrook of Shibui are predicting "a year of strong bold hair colour and the return of the fringe" for 2001.

"Deconstructed Bob's" (that's hairdresser speak for the looks Kate Moss and Jennifer Aniston are sporting of late) will be the shape of the year. Rob had a few words of wisdom to share with you when choosing a hairdresser to give you that 'deconstructed look'. "Structure is easy, it's what you first learn when training to be a hairdresser, but unstructured cuts like the Deconstructed Bob are much harder, it takes a hairdresser a long while to learn how to break the rules successfully. Pick a top salon that does looks that are 'trendy', but are not ruled by having to be trendy. That way you will get a look that really suits you. Also look for someone with a few years experience under their belt who has had more time to practice 'breaking the rules' ".

And here a couple of highlights from the past few months if this is the first time you have been here!

Tip of the Month: January 2001

The Return of the "Quiff"

If you want to keep up with the latest on what to do with your hair then just look to the catwalks of Paris, Milan, London and New York. Add about six months, take out the completely weird elements then imagine the look on the average head of hair/face and you will have a pretty accurate idea of what's to come.

So without quite as much fanfare or the expense of employing your own hair director, we suggest you start to practice the art of creating the quiff, as all roads seem to point to this for the new look for 2001.

It's not a sixties style quiff rather a 1940's post war number coupled with a lot more make-up as really dressed hair demands. Oh, and don't forget the black eyeliner!

To create it for yourself follow these basic instructions (if you have short hair start growing it now, you still have time!):

  • Blow-dry your hair straight or very loose long waves.
  • Take out the front section of your hair across your forehead from temple to temple, about 6cm deep. It does not matter if you have a fringe as this can be incorporated into the look, but you may need to take the section slightly deeper if you do. Clip out of the way for now.
  • Draw the sides of your hair back off your face smoothly and either pin or ponytail using a covered band at the crown. Leave the back of your hair to fall loosely over your shoulders.

See more about this in our "What' New" Section

Late last year we welcomed one of the top London salons, MacMillan to We will be featuring some of their great pictures throughout the site on an ongoing basis.

Tip of the Month: November/December 2000: What's New in Party Hair?

It's time to get your tongs out to take you and your hair on a trip back to the early eighties! The release of the remake of the Charlie's Angels movie starring Cameron Diaz will have us all trying to recreate those Farrah Fawcett flicks for an up-to-the-minute party look.

Right now you are either wondering who the heck Farrah Fawcett is or you're (just) old enough to remember those flicks but not how to do them. It's all about finding the right product with the firmest hold. We love products like Redken Traction and Sebastian Switch Craft for styling and then lashings of hairspray to finish, hold and keep those flicks for the whole evening, not just until you've walked in the door!

  • Start by warming up your tongs which is a bit like preheating the oven making sure they are not resting on something you can singe, as that's a distinct memory of the state of my dressing table in the early eighties.
  • Add your chosen styling product to your wet hair and roughly dry it straight using a large flat paddle brush.
  • When completely dry give your whole head a light spray of hair spray.
  • Using a large comb, part your hair as you would normally remembering that this look does work better with a side parting.
  • Take individual vertical sections, about 3cm wide, starting from the parting and ending on your hairline. Tong each one backwards towards the centre back.
  • Once all of your hair has been tonged, allow it to cool fully, then use a vent brush to break up the tonged sausages and flick back the ends to form your desired look.
  • Finish with lashings of hairspray and for that 'disco feel' a little spray glitter would be perfect.

Dario, session stylist and director of "Cut Education" gives this bit of advice: "It's all about disco, glitter and beads, very Kylie Minogue. I just got back from London and Kylie is going off there. Hair is going back to the late 70's and early 80's with plenty of flicks. The whole trick though is not to make it big as in wide, but to let your hair fall around your face and then flick out."

Check out some of Dario's looks at to see just what he means or The Virtual Salon to find out more about the type of brushes to use and other useful hair care tips.

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